Which is an example of faulty coordination?

Which is an example of faulty coordination?

Faulty coordination means that two clauses are joined together in an illogical order. Here is an example of faulty coordination: Although she walked to school, it was snowing. The order of these two clauses does not make sense.

What is coordination and subordination examples?

How to Use Subordination. Example: Because she got home late, she missed her dinner. Pattern: Because dependent clause, independent clause. Using coordination would show a weaker relationship: She got home late, and she missed her dinner.

How do you do subordination and coordination?

Use subordination to join two sentences together when one idea is less important (subordinate) to the other….Common Subordinators.

Subordinator Relationship/Meaning
although, even though, though, whereas, while contrast
since, because cause/effect
if, unless condition
after, as soon as, before, whenever, when, until time

What are 10 examples of subordinating conjunctions?

Some examples of these conjunctions are; although, after, before, because, how, if, once, since, so that, until, unless, when etc.

What is faulty subordination?

Faulty subordination occurs when the more important clause is placed in a subordinate position in the sentence or when the expected relation between clauses is reversed.

What are the different ways to correct faulty coordination?

Revise sentences with faulty coordination by putting unrelated ideas in separate sentences. You can also put less important or subordinate ideas into a subordinate clause or a phrase. First Method: If the independent clauses joined by and are not closely related, separate them and drop the coordinating conjunction.

What are the five principles of coordination and subordination?

Subordinate Conjunctions: Takes into account five (5) factors — (1) Time: when, after, as soon as, whenever, while, before; (2) Place: where, wherever; (3) Cause: because, since, in order that, so that; (4) Contrast/Concession: although, as if, though, while; and (5) Condition: if, unless, provided, since,as long as.

What is subordination coordination?

Coordination is the act of connecting two ideas of equal weight and importance. Subordination involves identifying one idea as less important than another.

What are the 12 subordinating conjunctions?

There are many subordinating conjunctions but the most common are: after, although, as, as if, because, before, how, if, since, than, though, unless, until, when, where and while.

What are the 50 subordinating conjunctions?

Subordinating conjunctions in english, 50 Subordinating Conjunctions;

  • after.
  • although.
  • as.
  • as if.
  • as long as.
  • as much as.
  • as soon as.
  • as though.

How do you fix a bad subordination?

To correct excessive subordination, break the sentence into two or more sentences or change some of the dependent clauses to modifying phrases or appositives.

How is subordination better than coordination?

(a complete sentence) and a dependent clause. (a construction that relies on the main clause to complete its meaning). Coordination allows a writer to give equal weight to the two ideas that are being combined, and subordination enables a writer to emphasize one idea over the other.