Which of the following teams won the 2015 Stanley Cup Finals?

Which of the following teams won the 2015 Stanley Cup Finals?

The Western Conference champion Chicago Blackhawks defeated the Eastern Conference champion Tampa Bay Lightning four games to two to win their sixth championship in franchise history, and their third title in six seasons.

Who won the Presidents Cup in hockey?

Panthers squeeze by Avalanche to win 2022 Presidents’ Trophy @FlaPanthers (2021-22) Avalanche (2020-21) Bruins (2019-20) Lightning (2018-19) Predators (2017-18) Capitals (2016-17) #NHLStats: media.nhl.com/public/live-up…

What year did the Sharks win the Presidents Cup?

San Jose Sharks
Conference championships 1 (2015–16)
Presidents’ Trophy 1 (2008–09)
Division championships 6 (2001–02, 2003–04, 2007–08, 2008–09, 2009–10, 2010–11)
Official website nhl.com/sharks

Who was the last team to win the Presidents trophy and Stanley Cup?

The most recent team to win both the Presidents’ Trophy and the Stanley Cup in the same season were the 2012–13 Chicago Blackhawks. The only team to accomplish this more than once is the Detroit Red Wings.

How many teams have won the Presidents trophy and Stanley Cup?

However, as awesome as it is to finish the regular season as the best team in the league, only eight teams that won the Presidents’ Trophy went on to win the Stanley Cup in the history of the trophy’s existence, and the Colorado Avalanche are one of them.

Why did Colorado Avalanche win the Presidents trophy?

The Colorado Avalanche won the Presidents’ Trophy awarded to the team with the best record in the NHL regular season. The Avalanche were 39-13-4 with 82 points to finish tied with the Vegas Golden Knights (40-14-2) but had more regulation wins (35-30). Colorado will play the St.

Who won Stanley Cup 2006?

Carolina Hurricanes2006 Stanley Cup Finals / Champion