Who did Timo Glock drive?

Who did Timo Glock drive?

Timo Glock (born 18 March 1982) is a German professional racing driver, and BMW Motorsport works driver. He raced in Formula One for the Jordan, Toyota, Virgin Racing and Marussia F1 teams. He finished 10th in the Drivers’ Championship in both 2008 and 2009, scoring three podium finishes.

Where is Lucas di Grassi?

In July 2020, Di Grassi was announced as co-founder and Sustainability Ambassador of the eSkootr Championship (eSC) – which will launch in May 2022….

Lucas di Grassi
Born 11 August 1984 São Paulo, Brazil
Formula E career
Debut season 2014–15
Current team ROKiT Venturi Racing

What did Timo Glock do?

In the moments following the 2008 Brazilian Grand Prix, fans and insiders pointed to Timo Glock as possibly rigging and manipulating the outcome. They feel Glock helped steal the title from Felipe Massa and hand the crown to Hamilton. The accusations continue to haunt Glock.

Is Massa still alive?

He competed in 15 seasons of Formula One between 2002 and 2017, where he scored 11 Grand Prix victories, 41 podiums and finished as championship runner-up in 2008 by one point….

Felipe Massa
Nationality Brazilian
Born 25 April 1981 São Paulo, Brazil
FIA Formula E Championship career
Debut season 2018–19

Did Glock slow down for Hamilton?

Timo Glock slowed down deliberately to allow Lewis Hamilton to overtake him which in turn broke Brazilian hearts and cost Massa his debut drivers title at the last possible moment.

Is that Glock going slowly?

Is that Glock going slowly? It is! That’s Glock! ALLEN: Oh my goodness me, Hamilton’s back in position again!

Does Porsche have a Formula E Team?

The Porsche works team competes in Formula E with the Porsche 99X Electric. Compared to traditional motorsport racing series, Formula E provides all teams with the vehicle chassis and the standard battery.

How much do Formula E drivers make?

The approximate average salary of a driver in Formula E is now believed to be around the €750,000 mark. The top earners are reckoned to be on between €2.2million and €2.8m.

Who owned Arrows F1?

After a failed attempt to buy Ligier, Tom Walkinshaw bought 51% of the team.

What happened to Timo Glock 2008 Brazil?

Timo Glock has denied long-standing claims that he let Lewis Hamilton overtake him on the final lap of the Brazilian Grand Prix in 2008, allowing the Briton to win his first Formula 1 title.

Will Hamilton need a new engine?

Asked whether Hamilton’s new engine will be used in Qatar, Wolff confirmed that it would be in the back of the car. “Yes, absolutely,” he told media, including RacingNews365.com, after the race. “We are going to the end of the season now with this engine.