Who is Maria McErlane?

Who is Maria McErlane?

Maria McErlane is a British actress and comedian best known for co-hosting BBC Radio 2’s Saturday morning show with Graham Norton. She first debuted in Buckinghamshire in 1984 and has since appeared in a variety of TV shows, including The Fast Show with Jo Brand and Jack Dee.

Who did the voiceover on Eurotrash?

Eurotrash (TV series)

Presented by Antoine de Caunes Jean-Paul Gaultier (1993–1997) Guest presenters
Starring Victoria Silvstedt Eddy Wally Graham Norton (series 9) Carla Bruni Melinda Messenger (1997–1998)
Voices of Davina McCall (series 1) Kate Robbins Johnny Daukes
Narrated by Maria McErlane

When did Eurotrash end?

June 17, 2016Eurotrash / Final episode date

Who is Maria on Graham Nortons show?

Maria McErlane is a British actress and presenter specialising in comedy, best known for currently co-presenting Graham Norton’s BBC Radio 2 Saturday morning show. Born in Buckinghamshire, she started acting in 1984 and has appeared in several TV shows including The Fast Show with Jo Brand and Jack Dee.

Who is Maria McErlane in killing Eve?

Killing Eve (TV Series 2018–2022) – Maria McErlane as Diane – IMDb.

Who is Maria on Graham Norton podcast?

What is meant by the term Eurotrash?

Definition of Eurotrash : young well-to-do usually Europeans who live a trendy lifestyle especially in the U.S.

Where does the term Eurotrash come from?

Among the early printed uses of the term was in the early 1980s, when Taki Theodoracopulos, a wealthy Greek living in New York City, wrote a newspaper column titled “Eurotrash” in The East Side Express. The term was also used into the 1990s, with American band Cracker releasing a single called “Euro-Trash Girl”.

Who is Eurotrash?

“Eurotrash” is a term for certain Europeans, particularly those perceived to be socialites, stylish and affluent. Eurotrash is often used as a collective term for such European expatriates in the United States or other areas with a concentration of wealthy Europeans.

How old is Jean Paul Gaultier?

70 years (April 24, 1952)Jean Paul Gaultier / Age