Who is Tablo married to?

Who is Tablo married to?

Kang Hye-jungTablo / Spouse (m. 2009)Kang Hye-jung is a South Korean actress. Making her film debut in arthouse film Nabi, she rose to stardom and critical acclaim in Park Chan-wook’s 2003 revenge thriller Oldboy. Wikipedia

What is Tablo real name?

Daniel Armand LeeTablo / Full name

Is Epik High with YG?

On October 3, 2018, Epik High left YG Entertainment after six years. On February 19, 2019, Epik High signed to William Morris Endeavor. Epik High released their second EP, Sleepless in , on March 11.

Why is Epik High Famous?

Before there was BTS or BigBang, there was Epik High. Ask anyone who’s been listening to K-pop for more than a few years, and chances are they’d know Epik High because the pioneering Korean hip-hop trio has had a profound and far-reaching influence on Korean popular music.

How tall is Tablo?

5′ 9″Tablo / Height

Is Tablo still with YG?

He made his film debut acting in Nonstop (2005). In 2016, Tablo left his radio show, MBC FM4U’s Tablo’s Dreaming Radio, after eleven years to focus on YG’s music sub-label HIGHGRND….

Musical career
Genres Hip hop
Instruments Vocals keyboards synthesizer sampler sequencer violin
Years active 1997–present

How smart is Tablo?

Tablo reportedly has an IQ of 160. Has a master’s degree in English from Stanford University. Was consistently getting As and A+s during one of his semesters at Stanford.

What are Epik High fans called?

– Tablo being a member of Epik High has the same fanclub name “High Skool” , there is no separate fanclub for any member.

Is Tablo under YG?

TABLO is a singer-songwriter/artist who joined YG Family in September 2011 and a member of EPIK HIGH, a popular Hip-Hop group in Korea.

Is Tablo a Korean citizen?

Tablo is also the author of the best-selling book Pieces of You, published in both English and Korean, and Blonote. He made his film debut acting in Nonstop (2005)….

Born Daniel Lee July 22, 1980 Seoul, South Korea
Nationality Canada
Other names Lee Seon-woong Tablo
Education Stanford University (BA, MA)

Is Tablo famous in Korea?

To Koreans, he was known as Tablo, a chart-topping rapper who was also married to one of the country’s most prominent movie stars. Until recently, he had been one of Korea’s biggest celebrities. Now his career was in tatters, he’d parted ways with his record label, and his family was receiving death threats.