Who is the ad agency for Durex?

Who is the ad agency for Durex?

Interactive Avenues nominates Rexbot for Cannes 2018 The agency conceptualized this one for brand Durex.

Which Durex is the biggest?

Durex Condom Size Chart

Condom Description Where to buy
Durex XXL Biggest Durex Condom. details
Durex Enhanced Pleasure Has a contoured shape, snugger fit on the shaft and extra room on the head. Some condom stores put this condom in the small condoms category. Update: this condom is no longer available details

What is the vision of Durex?

We believe good sex should be for everyone.

What size is XL condoms?

Condom size chart – which condom should I buy?

Condom Description Size
Durex Comfort XL Large Condoms Easy-On Extra Large Girth Extra Lubricated Nominal Width: 2.24″/57 mm Length: 8.66”/220 mm Thickness: 65 µm

Who owns Trojan?

Church & Dwight
Church & Dwight is the parent company of brands including Trojan condoms, Batiste dry shampoo, Arm & Hammer detergent and Nair hair removal cream. Referring to them as “social interaction categories,” there were certain products in the Church & Dwight portfolio that were hurt by COVID-19.

Is Durex listed on stock market?

The DUREX brand is owned by RECKITT BENCKISER, a company listed in Francfort….Stock market history RECKITT BENCKISER (DUREX)

X Price
Mar 31, 2022 69.9
Mar 30, 2022 69.3
Mar 29, 2022 68.1
Mar 28, 2022 67.7

Is Durex’s online advertising any good?

It’s witty print and online advertisements are smart, funny and do the job perfectly! Here are some brilliant online and print campaigns by Durex which are a lesson in advertising for all other brands.

What is the target market for Durex?

Durex uses differentiated targeting strategy and primarily focus on the urban working class, and upper middle class as their target consumers. It has positioned itself as a company which is more than just being a condom company taking care of the emotional and sexual wellbeing of the people globally.

What is the tagline of Durex?

Tagline-“Love…Sex” Competitive advantage in the Marketing strategy of Durex Strong Parent company: Durex becomes part of the Reckitt Benckiser, a Consumer goods MNC in July 2010 when SSL International sold it to RB for $3.88 billion.

What is Durex explore and how does it work?

The Durex Explore app was created by Havas London to make the most of second-screen, allowing users view the ads from a different angle. All viewers have to do to see an alternative, synchronized perspective …