Who is the fastest hitter in volleyball?

Who is the fastest hitter in volleyball?

WoW! Bulgarian outside hitter and one of the world’s best players, Matey Kaziyski, currently owns the world record with the fastest spike ever recorded by a male volleyball player according to an article published in La Gazzetta dello Sport’s weekly magazine SportWeek.

How fast can an Olympian serve a volleyball?

The average speed of an Olympic volleyball spike from men is roughly 70 to 80 mph. The velocity is highest at this level since the attackers have the necessary mechanics to pummel the ball.

What is the fastest volleyball serve in mph?

78.9 mph
Italy’s Ivan Zaytsev is certainly one of the world’s best servers. He currently holds the Olympic serving speed record, alongside Christian Savani and Gyorgy Grozer, at 78.9 mph (127 kmh).

Who has the strongest serve in volleyball?


  • 1) 134 km/h – Ivan Zaytsev (ITA, Italy National Team)
  • 2) 132 km/h – Matey Kaziyski (BUL, Trentino /ITA)
  • 3) 128km/h – Georg Grozer (GER, Resovia /POL)
  • 4) 127km/h – Cristian Savani (ITA, Italy National Team)

What is the fastest spike ever?

The fastest shot was from badminton player Fu Haifeng of China who recorded a 332 km/h smash.

What is the easiest serve in volleyball?

An underhand serve is usually the easiest to learn. Using this serve, beginning players often have better control over where the ball will land and thus are able to target specific areas of the court. Additionally, an underhand is typically easier to return as well.

Is volleyball fastest game in the world?

Paolo Nicolai aiming to improve world’s fastest serve Las Vegas, USA, October 20, 2018 – About three months ago, Paolo Nicolai shocked the beach volleyball world when he recorded the fastest serve ever registered in the sport, hitting the ball at an impressive 119 km/h during the FIVB Beach Volleyball World Tour Gstaad …

What is ace volleyball?

Definition Of An Ace In Volleyball The term “ace” refers to when a player serves the ball and the opposing team is unable to pass it. An ace occurs when the ball either hits the ground or is shanked off of a passer making a second touch impossible.

What is the hardest volleyball serve to return?

Hi Jeff, The floater serve is the most difficult to return. You can really pop it, but it also has some movement — it can suddenly drop right at the end. That makes it the toughest serve to return because just when you think you’re ready for it, it will suddenly drop or move to the left or right on you.

How fast do college volleyball players hit?

A volley starts with the serve. Top-class players average serving speeds of 121 mph, according to “The Sports Book.” The serving player stands at the baseline, or rear boundary, of that team’s side of the court and attempts to place the ball in an undefended portion of the other team’s side of the court.