Who owns Eagle Picher?

Who owns Eagle Picher?

January 23, 2018 – GTCR, a leading private equity firm, announced today that it has signed a definitive agreement to acquire EaglePicher Technologies, LLC (“EaglePicher” or the “Company”) from certain funds affiliated with affiliates of Apollo Global Management, LLC.

Is Eagle Picher a public company?

EaglePicher Technologies is a privately held, American, manufacturing company known for its battery technology, energetic devices and battery management systems.

What does Eagle Picher do?

EaglePicher is the #1 U.S. battery manufacturer of thermal battery systems. We supply power for over 90% of the U.S. military’s munitions and mission critical systems. More than 600 satellites currently in orbit are operating under EaglePicher power.

Where is Eagle Picher located?

EaglePicher’s locations span the breadth of North America, with facilities in Missouri, Rhode Island, Kansas, and British Columbia, with headquarters in St. Louis, Missouri. Our strategic business entities focus on three distinct markets: defense, space and aviation.

How many employees does Eaglepicher have?

The company has nine North American manufacturing and research and development sites and over 900 employees. For more information, please visit www.eaglepicher.com.

What is thermal battery technology?

A thermal energy battery is a physical structure used for the purpose of storing and releasing thermal energy—see also thermal energy storage. Such a thermal battery (a.k.a. TBat) allows energy available at one time to be temporarily stored and then released at another time.

Who invented thermal battery?

GHEX thermal battery – unencapsulated Heat pumps, as used by the GHEX depicted above, were invented in the 1940s by Robert C. Webber.

What is the cost of thermal energy?

Thermal Energy Costs

Energy Source Average Retail Price Cost per million Btu
Electricity $0.1040 per kilowatt hour $30.48
Propane $1.88 per gallon $20.55
No.2 Heating Oil $2.37 per gallon $17.05
Natural Gas $13.75 per thousand cubic feet $13.35

How long do thermal batteries last?

Thermal batteries are designed to be in storage for 20+ years then be used at full capacity. The electrolyte is stored as a solid salt, but still can react with the anode and cathode materials over the expected storage time.

Are thermal batteries rechargeable?

Thermal batteries are considered a reliable source of specific energy. They are non-rechargeable, single-use batteries that can be stored for a long time without any need for maintenance.

How do thermal batteries work?

Thermal batteries work through a chemical reaction of the lithium salt mixture. The battery has many cells in series that each has an anode, cathode, electrolyte, and igniter. The igniter sets off pyrotechnic reactions in each cell which increases the temperature to the melting point of the electrolyte.