Who supports PSG?

Who supports PSG?

Paris Saint-Germain Football Club (PSG) is the most popular football club in France and one of the most widely supported teams in the world. Famous PSG fans include Nicolas Sarkozy, Tony Parker, Fabio Quartararo, Tom Brady, Patrick Dempsey, Victoria Azarenka, Teddy Riner and DJ Snake.

Do fans own PSG?

This means PSG are a state-owned club, the only of its kind, and thus one of the richest teams in the world. QSI chairman Nasser Al-Khelaifi has been PSG president since the takeover.

Who is number 1 at PSG?

L’Équipe report that the Paris Saint-Germain management has decided to make Gianluigi Donnarumma the club’s outright number one next season, putting an end to the competition with Keylor Navas.

Which club has more supporters in the world?

Real Madrid (263.3m) Real Madrid is the most followed football club and team in the world in 2022. Despite the loss of their talisman, Cristiano Ronaldo, the Los Blancos are still going strong in terms of winning the trophies and the number of worldwide supporters.

Who’s the best player in Paris?


Season Player Club
2017–18 Neymar Paris Saint-Germain§
2018–19 Kylian Mbappé Paris Saint-Germain§
2019–20 Not awarded
2020–21 Kylian Mbappé (2) Paris Saint-Germain

Who is the best player of PSG?

Mbappe has replaced Messi as the world’s best player: PSG’s UCL hopes hinge on French forward’s fitness. Paris Saint-Germain discovered just how tough life can be without Kylian Mbappe at the weekend as they slumped to a 1-0 defeat at Nice.

Which soccer club has the most fans?

The decisive factors here are the follower numbers of the official club accounts on Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok.

  1. Real madrid. Real Madrid is the most successful soccer club on social media.
  2. FC Barcelona.
  3. Manchester United.
  4. Paris Saint-Germain.
  5. Juventus Torino.
  6. Chelsea FC.
  7. FC Bayern Munich.
  8. Liverpool FC.

Who are PSG’s first supporters?

The socios were the club’s first supporters. As such, they founded Le Club des Associés (The Club of Socios) to organize travels for PSG home and away matches. It was PSG and France’s first supporters’ group. More than 2,000 socios attended the club’s first match ever on 1 August 1970.

What are the benefits of being a PSG supporter?

You will receive daily support from the club, throughout the season for all your fan activities! There a whole range of advantages for the Supporters, including the ticket office, the MyParis program, organising your activities and more!

What celebrities are fans of PSG Football Club?

Other notable PSG fans include former NBA star Tony Parker; American football quarterback Tom Brady; American actor Patrick Dempsey; tennis player Victoria Azarenka; judoka Teddy Riner; and record producer DJ Snake, among many others listed below. ^ “Le PSG est le nouveau club préféré des Français”.

What is the Cup at PSG?

Two new groups, Porte 411 and Ultras Paname, joined the CUP in April 2017. Grouped in the Auteuil end of the stadium, the CUP is the only ultra association officially recognized by PSG and has around 3,000 members.