Who won the election in Venezuela 2020?

Who won the election in Venezuela 2020?

Amid a boycott by a majority of the opposition, the PSUV-led Great Patriotic Pole alliance won a supermajority of seats. Turnout was around 30.5%.

Who is ruling Venezuela right now?

Nicolás Maduro
Assumed office 5 March 2013 Disputed since 10 January 2019
Vice President Jorge Arreaza Aristóbulo Istúriz Tareck El Aissami Delcy Rodríguez
Preceded by Hugo Chávez

Does Venezuela vote for president?

Venezuela elects at a national level the President of Venezuela as head of state and head of government, and a unicameral federal legislature. The President is elected for a six-year term by direct election plurality voting, and is (since the 2009 Venezuelan constitutional referendum) eligible for re-election.

Who supports Nicolas Maduro?

Russia: Russia has been a vocal supporter of Nicolas Maduro, as well as being a military and economic ally since under predecessor Hugo Chávez. Russia has made shows of force, such as flying two Tu-160 nuclear capable bombers to Venezuela.

What food do they eat in Venezuela?

16 Most Popular and Traditional Venezuelan Foods You Should Try

  1. 1 – Pabellón criollo – Rice, plantain, beans, and beef.
  2. 2 – Hallacas – Meat tamales.
  3. 3 – Pan de jamón – Ham Bread.
  4. 4 – Bollo pelón – Corn dough filled with beef stew.
  5. 5 – Pisca Andina – egg and milk soup.
  6. 6 – Patacón zuliano – Plantain filled with beef.

What is Venezuela’s inflation rate?

On an annual basis, Venezuela ended 2021 with inflation at 686.4%.

Who does the US recognize as the President of Venezuela?

The United States recognizes Interim President Juan Guaido and considers the 2015 democratically-elected Venezuelan National Assembly, which he currently leads, to be the only legitimate federal institution, according to the Venezuelan Constitution.

Is Venezuela a democracy or dictatorship?

Venezuela has a presidential government. The Economist Intelligence Unit rated Venezuela an “authoritarian regime” in 2020, having the lowest score among countries in the Americas.

Who won Venezuela election 2019?

Presidential elections were held in Venezuela on 20 May 2018, with incumbent Nicolás Maduro being declared re-elected for a second six-year term.

When was Maduro reelected?

On 14 April 2013 Nicolás Maduro was elected President of Venezuela, narrowly defeating opposition candidate Henrique Capriles with just 1.5% of the vote separating the two candidates.

Does Russia support Venezuela?

Russia–Venezuela relations include cooperation between Russia and Venezuela in areas of common concern, such as their common status as oil exporters, and policy toward the United States. Venezuela is Russia’s most important trading and military ally in Latin America.

What is Venezuela main religion?

The U.S. government estimates 96 percent of the population is Catholic. The remaining population includes evangelical Protestants, members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Church of Jesus Christ), Jehovah’s Witnesses, Muslims, Baha’is, and Jews.