Why is it called Mikan Drill?

Why is it called Mikan Drill?

The Mikan drill is a core basketball shooting drill. This drill is named for Hall of Fame player George Mikan and emphasizes speed, versatility, and accuracy. Coaches often use the Mikan drill to develop their players’ footwork, rebounding, and shooting skills.

What drill was named after George Mikan?

the Mikan Drill
It is called the Mikan Drill, named after George Mikan of the Minneapolis Lakers, and this short range shooting drill is especially useful for taller players who want to improve their dexterity for layups and hooks close to the basket.

What is a reverse Mikan?

The reverse Mikan basketball drill is a great drill to develop your hands, footwork, and finishing around the basket. This basketball drill can be for either big men or guards because both need to know how to finish around the basket and also how to use the rim to protect themselves from the shot blocker.

Who created the Mikan Drill?

The Mikan drill — invented in the 1940s by two Hall of Famers, center George Mikan and coach Ray Meyer, at DePaul University — involves a player standing under the basket, laying the ball up with her right hand, rebounding the ball with her left, then laying it up with her left and rebounding with her right, and so on.

Is the Mikan Drill good?

This Mikan drill is great for improving finishing around the basket for all players, especially centers and forwards. It helps develop coordination, rhythm, and feel around the basket.

What is a Mikans?

A Mikan is a citrus fruit, also variously called Citrus unshiu, unshu mikan, Wenzhou migan, or a satsuma.

What is the George Mikan drill?

The Mikan Drill is a basketball drill commonly credited to George Mikan and his college coach at DePaul University Ray Meyer. It is designed to help basketball centers and forwards develop rhythm, timing for rebounding, and scoring in the paint.

Does Mikan mean orange?

What is Mikan (Japanese Mandarin)? Mikan is a type of orange originating in the south of Japan about four hundred years ago, and its official name is “Unshiu Mikan.” In the United States, it’s often sold as Japanese mandarin or Satsuma oranges.

Is mikan a satsuma?

As nouns the difference between mikan and satsuma is that mikan is an orange citrus fruit citrus unshiu , originating from japan, about the size of a tangerine while satsuma is a seedless and easy-peeling cultivar of mandarin orange of japanese origin; citrus unshiu .

What are the technical skill variations in the Mikan Drill?

The Mikan Drill can have a wide variety of technical skill variations included into the repetitions. Most coaches however would utilise the Mikan Drill purely for the left and right hand lay-uppractice but other technical skills can be included. For example some of the possible technical skill variations could include:

What is the Mikan Drill in basketball?

Primarily seen as a “Big Man” drill, it of course can be implemented to build competency in guards and forwardsalike. The Mikan Drill’s strength lies in the high repetition rate and therefore the ability for players to perform the desired technical skills multiple times in quick succession.

How many variations does the Kyrie Irving Mikan Drill have?

Kyrie Irving Mikan Drill With 12 Variations! Home > Coaching > Drills > Layup & Finishing > Kyrie Irving Mikan Drill With 12 Variations! This opens in a new window.

What is the best way to do a mikan?

Reverse Mikan – Mikan back and forth with your back to the baseline instead of facing the baseline. One Leg – Jump off one leg back and forth. You can do this with Mikan and Reverse Mikan. What do you think? Let us know by leaving your comments, suggestions, and questions…