Are April and Alix a couple?

Are April and Alix a couple?

Reigning Olympic champion April Ross will begin the upcoming beach volleyball season with a new partner as Alix Klineman recovers from shoulder surgery.

Are Klineman and Ross a couple?

Two-time Olympic medallist April Ross and beach volleyball partner Alix Klineman are looking like the team to beat in the women’s beach volleyball competition at Tokyo 2020.

Are April Ross and Alix Klineman friends?

Alix knew April before they started playing, and not just for her accolades. The two had mutual friends and spent a lot of time with each other off the beach.

Who are the players on the Olympic volleyball team?

U.S. volleyball team roster for the 2020 Olympics

Micha Hancock Penn State (2015) Setter
Jordyn Poulter Illinois (2018) Setter
Justine Wong Orantes Nebraska (2016) Libero
Jordan Larson Nebraska (2008) Outside Hitter

Who is Alix Klineman married to?

But when she isn’t on the sandy court, the 31-year-old star athlete enjoys spending time with her fiancé, retired NHL pro Teddy Purcell, at his contemporary house in Hermosa Beach, California, which she moved into last summer after helping him renovate it.

Who is Alix Klineman engaged to?

Alix Klineman isn’t married, but she did recently get engaged to Teddy Purcell. The 31-year-old California native announced her engagement to Teddy Purcell in late June 2021, less than a month before she left for Tokyo.

Are April Ross and Alix Klineman still married?

How long have Alix and April been partners?

While April Ross was busy winning her second Olympic medal in beach volleyball at the Olympic Games Rio 2016, Alix Klineman hadn’t even picked up the sport yet. Five years later the American duo, partners on the beach since late 2017, are the No.

How tall is volleyball player Alix?

6′ 5″Alix Klineman / Height

How old is volleyball player Alix Klineman?

32 years (December 30, 1989)Alix Klineman / Age