Are audison car speakers any good?

Are audison car speakers any good?

Audison makes some of the highest-quality and best-sounding speakers that you can buy for your car. Their Thesis and Voce lines set benchmarks for high-end car audio speakers. All of that technology has filtered down to the Prima line, which brings that amazing sound down to a more affordable price point.

Who makes audison audio?

Elettromedia s.r.l.
Audison is one of the brands of the Italian company Elettromedia s.r.l., a manufacturer of car audio products.

Is Hertz and audison the same?

Hertz and Audison are owned by the same company and share a lot of similarities.

Does audison make good amplifiers?

Audison amplifiers are indeed the top of the crop for car audio. They recently won the “Amplifier of the year” award at the CES and EISA Awards. Installing Audison amp(s) in your car will get you that much closer to audio perfection. They are that good.

Where are audison speakers made?

Six models made to perfectly balance size, versatility, power and sound quality: all of this ensuring quality and finish, in the tradition of the Audison “Made in Italy”. Its design develops around the concept of total aluminium and the SRx confirms to be the “youngest”, coolest amplifier of the Audison brand.

Are hertz subwoofers good?

A great sounding sub. In my box I have a problem with lowend roll off but a little bump at 31.5hz and its all good. They do not get extremely loud but work great if you are not looking for monster output. They can be crossed over higher also while performing very well.

What are Hertz in sound?

High frequencies produce more oscillations. The units of frequency are called hertz (Hz). Humans with normal hearing can hear sounds between 20 Hz and 20,000 Hz. Frequencies above 20,000 Hz are known as ultrasound.

What is the most powerful car amp?

#1 Best Overall: Rockford Fosgate R500X1D This powerful amp will take your car stereo and sound quality to the next level with its rating of 500.0 watts for one channel at 2.0 ohms RMS.

What other brands does Rockford Fosgate make?

The company manufactures its products under four brands: Rockford Fosgate(R), Rockford Acoustic Design(TM), Lightning Audio(R) and For more information, please visit:,, and

Where is Hertz audio made?

Daniel Hertz S.A. is a high-performance audio company based in Switzerland. The company makes high-efficiency loudspeakers, power amplifiers, pre-amplifiers, integrated amplifiers, and audio processing software.

What is the best hertz for bass?

Having clean bass frequencies is enough to get amazing bass through any audio system. The bass frequencies are from 20Hz to 160Hz. The best frequencies to boost for bass in a song, are around 50Hz and 80Hz. These frequencies make sure that the bass sounds full and powerful.