Are Scotty Sire and Kristin still together?

Are Scotty Sire and Kristin still together?

Long-term YouTube power couple Scotty Sire and Kristen McAtee have decided to call time on their five-year relationship, and explained why the “difficult” decision was the “right choice” in an emotional video to their fans.

What is Scotty sires real name?

Scotty Sire Wiki/Bio Real Name, Lifestyle, Profession

Real Name Scotty Sire
Girlfriend Kristen McAtee
Physical Status
Age 29 Years Old (2021)
Height (Approx.) In centimeters- 168 cm In meters- 1.68 m In Feet Inches-5′ 4”

Who is Scotty sires brother?

He has a younger brother named Davey.

What did Scotty Sire do to Seth?

David Dobrik and Vlog Squad member Scotty Sire have responded to sexual assault allegations leveled against them by Seth Francois, claiming the former member consented to a “kissing prank” back in 2017. YouTube sensation David Dobrik has been at the center of many allegations in 2021.

Is Heath dating Mariah?

She is Heath Hussar’s girlfriend. She currently is featured in lots of Heath Hussar videos as well as editing all of them. She makes TikTok’s and posts daily on Instagram. Mariah is apart of The Vlog Squad, a group of YouTubers featured in David Dobrik vlogs.

Did the Vlog Squad break up?

Thank you for the support when we were together, as it’s time for us to take things on our own. Vulpis revealed that he and Marie had broken up on July 13. In Dobrik’s vlog uploaded that day, which was entitled “Surprising Little Brother With Tupac!” Vulpis said, “I am vulnerable. I had the worst four days of my life.

Where is Scott Sire from?

Newport Beach, CAScotty Sire / Place of birth

How old is Scott Sire?

30 years (April 1, 1992)Scotty Sire / Age

What happened with Scotty sire and David?

Scotty Sire also mentioned that he was dropped from “quite a few brand deals”. This comes months after Sire rescinded his defense of Dobrik and Nash from assault allegations. Via Twitter, Sire apologized for the video, in which he referred to David Dobrik and Jason Nash as “nice people.”

What happened between David and Seth?

YouTuber David Dobrik has issued an apology following allegations of sexual assault against him by former Vlog Squad members over a prank he orchestrated on Seth Francois in 2017. The vlogger has this week broken his silence over the claims, saying that “consent is super, super important” to him.

What age is Zane Hijazi?

29 years (November 18, 1992)Zane Hijazi / Age

What age is Heath Hussar?

29 years (April 5, 1993)Heath Hussar / Age