Can you get married in Audubon Park?

Can you get married in Audubon Park?

Who Will Marry Us? Audubon Park is after all a public park open to anyone, so you will need to bring your own officiant to conduct the ceremony. We can help you secure a knowledgeable and personable officiant who is licensed in Orleans Parish, and this is a service we offer in our elopement packages.

Can you get married at Cumberland Falls?

Relax on the beautiful, large observation deck overlooking the Cumberland River winding thru the hillside. DuPont Lodge provides a spectacular spot for a wedding. Don’t forget about the park’s other accommodations, including Cumberland Falls cabin rentals, cottages and campsites.

Why did they drain Audubon Lake?

“It has taken several years for water to fill the dam enough to flow over the spillway. In the meantime, rodents bored under the bottom of the spillway with some of their tunnels leading to the drain. Water began to flow through the tunnels built by the animals.

Can you get married in Brown County State Park?

With the natural beauty of the forest all around, any of Brown County State Park’s shelters are the perfect setting for a rustic gathering or wedding reception. Make the space your own with lighting and decorations that tie into the theme of your event. Shelters can be reserved a maximum of 12 months or a […]

How much does a New Orleans wedding cost?

New Orleans Numbers The average New Orleans wedding will cost $25,148, with total annual sales reaching over $228.7 million. In New Orleans, brides can choose from a wide variety of venues: museums, five-star restaurants, gardens and ballrooms.

Can you get married at Bernheim Forest?

Whether you are planning your wedding, need meeting space, or want to host a luncheon or a group picnic, Bernheim provides the perfect space. For more information, please email Ida Brown. To book a rental fill out the form here.

How many acres is Audubon State Park?

Acquired for the park in 2011 by the Friends of Audubon group, this 649-acre site features a unique ecosystem of a Bald Cypress Tree slough, shrub wetland, and floodplain forest all in one location!

Is Audubon Park campground open?

Campground is open year round. Campground personnel available March 15 to November 30.

Can you get married at a state park in Indiana?

The beauty and grandeur of the Indiana Dunes National Park makes it a popular location for weddings. Because these ceremonies are not part of the purpose and ordinary use of the park, a Special Use Permit is required.

What is Audubon weddings?

That’s Audubon Weddings! Nestled among 175 acres of breathtaking foliage, sweeping meadows, and rolling hills, the John J. Audubon Center offers the perfect setting for magnificent rustic wedding receptions any time of year.

What is the Audubon State Park Nature Center?

The Audubon State Park Nature Center is housed in the same building as the Museum, and sits perched on the edge of the park’s beautiful nature preserve.

Is there a golf course at Audubon State Park?

John James Audubon has a nine hole golf course located within the state park. The course heavily tree-lined fairways. A full-service proshop, golf carts and clubs are available. For more info on this golf course CLICK HERE .

Where is the Audubon Museum in Kentucky?

Three galleries chronicle the Audubon story, including the family’s 1810-1819 residency in Henderson, Kentucky. Over 200 objects are on display, including artifacts from Audubon’s Kentucky years, a complete set of his masterwork, The Birds of America, and many original artworks. Admission rates apply.