Can you swim with sperm whales in Dominica?

Can you swim with sperm whales in Dominica?

SPERM WHALES – DOMINICA There are only two or three places in the world where you can swim with these amazing whales. Dominica in the Caribbean is one of the best, and to keep it that way the government has a strict permitting process.

When can you see sperm whales in Dominica?

Dominica is the only country in the world where the sperm whale resides all year long, although sightings are most common between November and March. Just a short boat ride brings you into contact with the world’s largest toothed animal in the calm turquoise Caribbean Sea.

Can you dive with sperm whales?

“During the winter, dozens of sperm whales — mostly adult females and their off-spring — hang around the deep blue waters there, feeding, nursing their young and socializing,” Cole says. “But a permit is required to swim with them, so you must go with licensed, permitted operators, and only snorkeling is allowed.”

Are there whales in Dominica?

Located in the Caribbean, Dominica is an island nation surrounded by sheltered bays and deep underwater canyons. These features provide the perfect habitat for a range of cetacean species, including, most notably, sperm whales, which can be observed relatively close to shore.

Are there whales in Samoa?

The Oceania stock of humpback whales which seasonally use the waters of the Samoan Archipelago, are considered endangered on the IUCN Red List. Sperm whales also occur around Samoa and are considered vulnerable on the IUCN Red List.

Are there humpback whales in Dominica?

Which Species Of Whale Have Been Spotted In Dominica? Over 20 species of whale have been spotted in the waters around the island, with the most common including short-fin pilot whales, false killer whales, melon head whales, pygmy sperm whales, and humpback whales.

Can you see whales in the Caribbean?

You can’t go just anywhere in the Caribbean for whale watching, but there are plenty of options. The Dominican Republic, Grenada, Northwest Puerto Rico and Turks and Caicos—specifically Salt Cay—have the best options for humpback whale watching on your beach vacation.

How deep do sperm whales dive?

The deepest recorded dive was 2,992 metres, breaking the record for diving mammals. Experts have suggested that this dive was unusually deep for this species. A more normal depth would be 2,000 metres. Sperm whales also regularly dive 1,000 to 2,000 metres deep.

Are whale Sperm bigger than human sperm?

Amazing, whales have some of the smallest sperm of all mammals. They vary from 50-75 microns, whereas human sperm are 40-90 microns long. It is thought that whales have such small sperm because the female reproductive tract is so large that having longer sperm doesn’t give a male any extra advantage.

What kind of whales are in Dominica?

When can you see whales in the Caribbean?

Mid-January to mid-March is considered peak season for whale watching in the Caribbean, with frequent sightings of humpback whales and dolphins. If you’re visiting during this time, the songs of the giant whales and the up-close encounters will add a magical touch to your next beach vacation.

Are there Dolphins in Dominica?

Whale & Dolphin Watching in Dominica The most commonly sighted species can be found year-round in the waters off Dominica, including: the spinner dolphin Stenella longirostris. the pantropical spotted dolphin Stenella attenuata. the Fraser’s Dolphin, Lagenodelphis hosei.

Swimming with Sperm Whales in Dominica. A unique opportunity to swim with some of the most relaxed marine mammals in the world as they traverse the coastline of rugged Dominica. Guided by our expert guides, you’ll have the opportunity for some truly once-in-a-lifetime encounters. Duration 7 Days.

What is the life of a sperm whale like?

They live rich, complex and interesting lives. The sperm whales off Dominica are predominantly groups of females and their dependent calves living together in ‘units’. In the Caribbean, these units are small, about 7 animals, and appear to be matrilineal, (a female line of grandmothers, mothers, and their calves; referred to as families).

How long do whales stay on the surface when they feed?

We get cat-and-mouse days when they are busy feeding too. On these days, they are on the surface for around 10 minutes between dives and the dives last around 45 minutes. We often get short one-minute or so encounters with feeding whales, but can have a dozen in a day.