Does Chatham MA have a downtown?

Does Chatham MA have a downtown?

Downtown Chatham, MA is just one of the many places to see during your getaway to Cape Cod. Request your free copy of our Vacation Guide now for a full list of our area’s top attractions, activities, dining, entertainment, and more.

Is Chatham worth visiting?

Chatham is blessed with beautiful scenery, as evidenced by our Conservation and Preservation areas, and our many Nature Trails and Parks. Tours are available for Wildlife/Birding enthusiasts. The Scenic Landmarks are abundant and well worth a casual stroll on a sunny afternoon.

Is Chatham MA walkable?

Chatham, Massachusetts Is One Of America’s Most Walkable Small Towns, And There Are Delights Around Every Corner. There’s something so wonderful about walking around a charming small town, especially if there’s a downtown area to explore.

What is there to do in Chatham in the winter?

Here are our picks for some of our favorite winter activities in Chatham!

  • See a movie at the Orpheum Theater on Main Street.
  • Go to the Beach.
  • Attend Local Events.
  • Shopping on Main Street.
  • Warm up with a cocktail.

How do I get to the Monomoy Wildlife Refuge?

Contact and Directions Take U.S. Route 6 East to State Route 137 South, to State Route 28 East. Take Route 28 East to the rotary. Take the Main Street exit, up the hill to Shore Road. Turn right and proceed past Chatham Lighthouse.

Is Chatham Massachusetts nice?

Very nice area, lots of beautiful beaches. There are many restaurants and shops line the sidewalks of mainstreet. There are awesome pizza places and the nightlife is better than most of the cape. Growing up in Chatham as a local was an interesting experience in a town where the population quintuples in the summer.

Is Chatham Cape Cod nice?

A Distinctive Destination on Cape Cod. The beautiful seaside town of Chatham MA is rich in history. In 2007 the town was named by the National Trust for Historic Preservation as a “Distinctive Destination”. It a well-deserved honor!

How do I spend a day in Chatham?

One Day in Chatham

  1. 6:00am (or earlier): Sunrise at Chatham Lighthouse Beach.
  2. 7:30am: Breakfast at Hangar B Eatery.
  3. 9:00am: White Shark Expedition.
  4. 1:00pm: Lunch at Chatham Bars Inn Beach House.
  5. 3:00pm: Shopping and Dinner on Main Street.
  6. 7:30pm: Catch a few Innings of Cape League Baseball.
  7. 9:00pm: Drinks at the Chatham Squire.

Is Chatham MA nice?

Can you walk around Cape Cod?

Take a casual walk on a paved path through a downtown or a nature-inspired trek along a forest trail or near an old cranberry bog. Whatever you choose, you’ll have a wonderful time exploring another side of Cape Cod via some of the best hiking trails and walking paths around.

Is Cape Cod walkable?

There is much to be said about Cape Cod’s scenic backroads and byways, but the Cape’s bustling downtown hubs are just as alluring, offering unique dining, shopping, art and activities—all within walking distance.