Does DroneMobile work in Canada?

Does DroneMobile work in Canada?

The Drone X1R adds unlimited range smartphone control and GPS tracking to any compatible remote start or security system (Compustar, iDatalink, iDataStart). This module is powered by LTE with 3G fallback, ensuring best-in-class coverage in Canada. Enables remote start, keyless entry & more from virtually anywhere!

Can I install DroneMobile myself?

Can I install DroneMobile myself? A: Yes you may, however professional installation is recommended.

Can you use DroneMobile without subscription?

On cold mornings, it can be challenging to get out of bed, and even more of a struggle to get to my keys at the front door. But DroneMobile allows me to remote start my vehicle from anywhere in my house. However, none of the benefits of DroneMobile can be accessed if you don’t have a subscription!

What network does DroneMobile use?

Features. The DroneMobile DR-5400 is powered by an LTE network with a 3G fallback, ensuring best-in-class coverage across the United State. additionally, this module has a built-in GPS antenna for providing accurate GPS data for tracking your vehicle. Enables remote start, keyless entry & more from virtually anywhere!

How much does it cost to install DroneMobile?

How much does DroneMobile Cost? $200 for DroneMobile (LTE) and Service Installation. DroneMobile requires a subscription based plan.

What is Breadcrumbing DroneMobile?

With breadcrumbing, you can see where your vehicle was located periodically along its route. You’ll also receive the exact time and location of your vehicle when it was turned off and when it was turned on. Note: Breadcrumbing rate depends upon your subscription and hardware.

How do I get rid of DroneMobile?

Canceling Your DroneMobile Subscription

  1. To cancel auto-renewal for DroneMobile, log in to
  2. Click “Subscriptions” in the left hand navigation.
  3. Find the vehicle that you’d like to cancel, and select “Update Plan.”
  4. At the bottom of the subscription selection page, select “Cancel Plan.”

What is Breadcrumbing drone mobile?

Can you schedule starts with drone mobile?

The timer start feature is an optional feature in Compustar systems that will allow your vehicle to automatically remote start at set time intervals. You can set the vehicle to start in intervals of: 1.5 hours.

Does Best Buy install DroneMobile?

Take Care. A: Since you have the remote start, you will need the Drone mobile add on, which should be $150. Best Buy will install for you.

How do I get DroneMobile?

How to Buy

  1. Get It Installed. Visit your nearby Authorized Dealer to purchase our LTE hardware and get it professionally installed.
  2. Download the Free App. Download the DroneMobile App onto your smartphone to start your Free 30-Day Premium Trial!
  3. Choose Your Subscription.

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