How do I find an autopsy report?

How do I find an autopsy report?

A good place to start is with the medical examiner’s office or website. Contact the medical examiner’s office to ascertain what form is required to request a copy of the autopsy report. In most cases, the request will need to be in writing and may need to be made on a county form.

Are autopsies public in California?

An autopsy report is public record in California unless it is deemed to be confidential under public-records exemptions because it is being used in a pending criminal case. If you want a copy of an autopsy report you have to contact Medical Examiner-Coroner Public Services directly.

How do I find death records in California?

How Do I Obtain Death Records in California? The CDPH is the central custodian for public death records, and eligible persons may obtain death records for a nominal fee. The Department charges $21 per copy for a death record search, and requesters must attach payment with the mail-in application form.

Are coroner reports public information?

Inquests are open to the public and the media. Coroners decide who should take part to give evidence as witnesses at an inquest. Witnesses will first be questioned by a Coroner, and there may be further questions by ‘properly interested people’ or their legal representatives.

Can you view coroner reports?

If the post-mortem was requested by the coroner, the coroner or coroner’s officer will let you know the cause of death determined by the pathologist. If you want a full copy of the pathologist’s report, you can request this from the coroner’s office, but there may be a fee.

Are death certificates public records in California?

Informational copies of death certificates are considered public records in California and anyone can order one. Certified authorized copies of death certificates are not available to the public and only immediate relatives and other legally authorized individuals or organizations may order them.

Can I access coroners reports?

Coroners’ post mortem examination results If you want a written copy of the full report you need to ask the coroner’s officer or to write to the Coroner concerned and they may charge a fee. Some Coroners prefer to send the report to a doctor to explain and discuss the findings with you.