How do I open Lotus Notes in browser?

How do I open Lotus Notes in browser?

To access Notes mail using Lotus iNotes

  1. Ask your Domino® administrator to make your mail file available for Web browsing, if your organization allows it.
  2. Open your browser.
  3. Enter the URL for your mail file (for example,
  4. Specify your user name and password.

How do I change my browser in Lotus Notes?

How to change default browser through Lotus Domino Policy or Notes. ini? (Lotus Notes 9.0. 1)

  1. Using the Notes or Administrator client, open the Domino Directory (NAMES.
  2. Click the People & Groups tab and open the Settings view.
  3. Click Add Settings, open the Desktop Settings dialog and open the Custom Settings tab.

How do I hyperlink in Lotus Notes IBM?

How to create clickable link in lotus notes email

  1. Select the URL – Copy.
  2. Go to Lotus Notes Client- Select the text which you want to send as ‘clickable link’
  3. Create- Hyperlink.
  4. Paste the URL – OK.

How do I log into IBM webmail?

Open a browser window and go to ….What to do next

  1. Enter your user name and password.
  2. Select Forgot password.
  3. Enter your Connections Cloud login ID and select Continue. Your password is sent to your account by email the first time you log in.

How do I open browser preferences?

  1. Click the gear icon within your IE browser window at the top of the browser window to open a menu that contains settings options.
  2. Click “Internet Options” to access the most commonly changed settings. A window opens up with labeled tabs.
  3. To change your home page, go to the “General” tab.

When did Lotus Notes become obsolete?

Although it was once lightyears ahead of its time, Lotus Notes is now obsolete as an app development platform. That’s why, in 2018, IBM sold Lotus Notes and several other software products to HCL Technologies for $1.8 billion — $2 billion less than it was purchased for in 1995.

How do I create a clickable link in Lotus Notes email?

How do I create a hyperlink in Lotus Notes in Outlook?

First, right click-> Copy like above. Then, in a new memo, highlight the text you want to make into a hyperlink and go to Create -> Hotspot -> Link Hotspot. A little window will popup. At the right hand side of the Value field, there is a paste button.