How do I use the Yeti microphone with Audacity?

How do I use the Yeti microphone with Audacity?

Ensure the mic is plugged into the computer, and navigate to Go > Applications from the top menu bar. Double-click “Audacity” to launch the program. Click the mic input drop-down and select “Blue Yeti.” If it isn’t an option, quit Audacity by navigating to Audacity > Quit Audacity and launch the program again.

Is Blue Yeti compatible with Audacity?

This document has instructions for using the Yeti microphone to record an audio project in Audacity. The Yeti and Audacity are available for use in the Studio.

What is a Yeti microphone?

Yeti is a side-address condenser microphone, so you can capture the best sound by going face-to-face with it. The microphone can also be folded down for easy portability, or removed completely from its base for mounting directly on a mic stand or Radius II shockmount.

What is the Yeti mic good for?

The Blue Yeti microphone works great in many recording situations and offers a ton of useful features for the price. The Blue Yeti USB microphone has been the most popular USB microphone in the last several years, but I wouldn’t recommend it to everyone.

How do you use a Yeti mic?

Connect Yeti with the supplied USB cable. Under Start Menu open Control Panel, click on Hardware and Sound, then select Sound. Select the Playback tab, choose Yeti Stereo Microphone, and click the Set Default button. Select the Recording tab, choose Yeti Stereo Microphone, and click the Set Default button.

Why is Blue Yeti microphone so popular?

Yeti—sporting its standard-setting additions like a headphone output, four pickup patterns, and a sturdy metal stand—is still a great, user-friendly option for new podcasters, streamers, and recording musicians who want a plug-and-play, reliable USB microphone with a proven sound.

What is the best setting for Blue Yeti?

Use the Cardioid mode when live streaming. This pattern will help you do away with ambient sounds that can be heard and capture your voice. Do not get too close with the Blue Yeti and just maintain 6 to 12 inches away. Be careful to keep this position during recording and not lean or sit back.