How do I view my Comcast phone calls?

How do I view my Comcast phone calls?

View Call History in Xfinity Voice

  1. Sign in to Xfinity Voice using your Xfinity ID and password.
  2. Click Call History. The type of call (MISSED, PLACED, ANSWERED or BLOCKED) will display below the calling number. Use the Filter By menu (top right of the page) to view the list by call type.

How do I stop Comcast robocalls?

Go to and follow the instructions for signing up. Choose Comcast XFINITY as your landline carrier in Step 2. Enter your email address in Step 3 and click “Start Blocking Robocalls Now!”. You’ll get an email with a link to activate the Nomorobo service.

Does Xfinity make phone calls?

Personal phone numbers work within the Xfinity Connect app so you can make calls for free when on a WiFi network, either in your home or on the go.

How do I access my Comcast home phone voicemail?

Access and Listen to Your Voicemail From Anywhere

  1. Dial *99 or your home telephone number.
  2. When your personal greeting starts, press #.
  3. Enter your passcode when prompted.

How do I access voicemail on Comcast phone?

Access voicemail from your phone’s dial pad

  1. Dial your Xfinity Mobile phone number.
  2. Press and hold 1.
  3. Dial *86.

What does * 60 do on a landline?

Call Block, otherwise known as Call Screening, is a feature that allows you to block calls from up to 10 phone numbers within your local calling area for a low monthly rate. Turn on: Press *60. If prompted, press 3 to turn the feature on.

How do I report spam calls to Comcast?

You can also call the FTC at (888) 382-1222 or the FCC at (888) CALL-FCC. They won’t respond to complaints individually, but they will take action against the most reported numbers. You can also report spam texts by forwarding them to 7726 (SPAM).

Does Comcast have a spam blocker?

We have many ways to help you control unwanted calls (and they’re available to Xfinity Voice customers at no additional charge): Spam Blocker – Identify and stop unwanted calls with our new spam blocker, so you only talk to the people who matter. Learn more about Spam Blocker.

How does Comcast landline work?

To use Xfinity Voice service you need a telephone handset and electrical outlets. Inside wiring and jacks are not required for service. Handsets may be connected directly to a Comcast Wireless Gateway device, or inside wiring and jacks can be connected to provide phone service throughout a residence.

Is Xfinity voice free?

Using their home phone number and the new Voice 2go feature of the newly redesigned Xfinity Connect Mobile app (formerly the Xfinity Mobile app), customers can now make phone calls and send text messages for free and calls made within a WiFi network, such as in a customer’s home or on a public WiFi hotspot, are free.