How do QA1 shocks work?

How do QA1 shocks work?

QA1 shocks are a hydraulic twin-tube design that moves fluid throughout the shock when it extends and compresses. Turning the knob will either restrict this fluid travel or open it up. On the vehicle, this will result in a firmer or softer ride quality.

Where are QA1 shocks made?

Lakeville, Minnesota
Manufactured in Lakeville, Minnesota, QA1’s aluminum shocks are tested and approved by drivers and racers like you. Not sure how to measure for custom coil-overs?

Is QA1 Made in USA?

Made in the USA QA1’s high travel springs are proudly made in the USA. LIFETIME GUARANTEE All QA1 springs are lifetime guaranteed to remain within 2% of the original free height and rate under normal operating conditions.

Can you mount QA1 shocks upside down?

Can QA1 shocks be run upside down? Yes. All QA1 circle track shocks, except for stock mount, can be run upside down, upright and at all angles in between.

How are qa1 shocks measured?

How to Measure for The Correct Shock Length

  1. Eyelet to Eyelet: At ride height, measure from the center of the top mounting bolt to the center of the lower mounting bolt.
  2. Stud to T-Bar: At ride height, measure from the bottom of the washer below the stud to the center of the t-bar.

Who owns QA1 suspension?

CEO Jim Jordan
“I’m very proud of the accomplishments and progress of the company over the last 20 years,” said founder and CEO Jim Jordan. “I’m excited to see where we can take QA1 in the future.” In 1993, Jordan founded QA1 with more than 25 years of experience in the rod end and spherical bearing industries.

Where is QA1 located?

QA1 has more than 100,000 square feet of manufacturing and office space in Lakeville, Minnesota. We specialize in the development of motion control sub-assemblies and complete suspension systems. Our team can also develop individual components to enhance existing designs.

Where are QA1 parts made?

QA1 has an extensive manufacturing facility in Lakeville, Minnesota including over 15 CNC machines, state-of-the-art injection molding machines, hydraulic presses, and spin-riveting and laser cutting equipment that permit all inclusive shock absorber assembly operations.

Are QA1 shocks gas?

Are QA1 shocks gas charged? The QA1 monotube shocks are gas charged. Other series utilize either a gas bag or foam cells.

How do I choose shock size?


  1. We recommended that you:
  2. Add 1 inch to the extended length, and. Subtract 1 inch from the collapsed length.
  3. This will you give you some additional shock travel.
  4. The added travel will:
  5. Prevent damage to the shock, and. Allow for compression of the bump stop.