How do you create a property sheet in MFC?

How do you create a property sheet in MFC?

Step 1 − Right-click on your project and select Add > Class menu options. Step 2 − Select Visual C++ → MFC from the left pane and MFC Class in the template pane and click Add. Step 3 − Enter the class name and select CPropertySheet from base class dropdown list. Step 4 − Click finish to continue.

What is a property sheet in MFC?

A property sheet, also known as a tab dialog box, provides a way to manage large numbers of controls in a dialog box. The property sheet contains property pages, each based on a separate dialog template resource. You can divide your dialog box’s controls into logical groups and put each group on its own property page.

What is Property sheets?

A property sheet is a window that allows the user to view and edit the properties of an item. For example, a spreadsheet application can use a property sheet to allow the user to set the font and border properties of a cell or to view and set the properties of a device, such as a disk drive, printer, or mouse.

How do I open property pages?

To open the Property Pages, choose Project > Properties from the main menu, or right-click on the project node in Solution Explorer and choose Properties. Individual files also have property pages that enable you to set compile and build options for just that file.

How do you use property sheets in access?

In either Layout or Design view, select the Design tab and locate the Tools group. Click the Property Sheet command. The Property Sheet will appear in a pane on the right. On the form, select the field you want to automatically fill in the current date.

How can you view the properties of a form in Access?

How to view Form Properties. in the Tools group. When the Property Sheet appears, select Form from the drop down if it is not already selected. You should now see the properties for the Form object.

What is a property value in Access?

The Value property of a tab control contains the index number of the current Page object. There is one Page object for each tab in a tab control. The first Page object always has an index number of 0, the second has an index number of 1, and so on.

How can you access the project properties?

You access project properties by right-clicking the project node in Solution Explorer and choosing Properties, or by typing properties into the search box on the menu bar and choosing Properties Window from the results.

What does the Storyboard toolbar contain?

The Storyboard toolbar contains all of the basic commands related to adding and deleting panels, scenes, and transitions, as well as switching between the 2D and 3D workspaces. In the default workspace, this toolbar is located at the top of the interface.