How do you get a high powered magnet in Fallout 4?

How do you get a high powered magnet in Fallout 4?


  1. Two can be found inside the MRI machine on the ninth floor of the Mass Bay Medical Center.
  2. Two can be found on a shelf inside the warehouse at Boston Airport.
  3. Milton General Hospital, after the third elevator, in a box on the corner.

How do I complete liberty Reprimed?

Detailed walkthrough

  1. Convince Dr Li to work on Liberty Prime.
  2. Or Find Professor Scara.
  3. Construct electromagnetic actuators.
  4. Find the nukes for Liberty Prime.
  5. Activate Liberty Prime.

What does Proctor Ingram give you after Liberty Reprimed?

T-60 Medic Pump
Speak to Proctor Ingram After a few more tweaks, Liberty Prime will be ready for action. Speak to Proctor Ingram once more and she will gift you a new T-60 Medic Pump for your Power Armor as a token of gratitude.

How do you save Kent Connolly?

While he’s making his little speech, grab your highest damage weapon and use VATS to aim for his head. Make sure you use a critical hit to take him out in one shot, and the rest of his gang will panic and take off, leaving Kent behind.

Where can I find a vacuum tube in Fallout 4?


  • Two can be found in Virgil’s cave.
  • Chance to spawn on destroyed machinegun turrets.
  • One can be found in Fort Hagen on the first floor, on the floor in front of the elevator.

What type of nukes does liberty prime use?

Mark 28
The Mark 28 is a tactical nuclear warhead in Fallout 4. Liberty Prime uses them as one of its primary weapons.

What is the point of no return in Fallout 4?

The point of no return between the Brotherhood and the Railroad is after turning in Blind Betrayal, when Tactical Thinking starts. For the Institute and Brotherhood it’s Mass Fusion/Spoils of War, doing one will fail the other and make you hostile to the respective faction.