How do you identify direct and indirect speech?

How do you identify direct and indirect speech?

Direct Speech: He says, “I am ill.” Indirect Speech: He says that he is ill. Direct Speech: She says, “She sang a song.” Indirect Speech: She says that she sang a song.

Why did Britain use indirect rule?

Lack of Roads: The British could not easily reach most parts of its’ colonies because the colonies were vast with bad roads and lack of the means of communication. Hence local rulers were empowered to rule for them. Therefore the British used indirect rule in order to pass government policies to the people.

What are the disadvantages of direct rule?

The Disadvantages of Direct Democracy

  • It requires more time.
  • It requires participation.
  • It requires self-discipline.
  • It requires a large monetary investment.
  • It requires honesty.
  • It requires investment.
  • It requires more than the pocketbook.
  • It requires knowledge.

Did France use direct or indirect rule?

The French have often been associated with direct rule, in contrast to the British, who are said to have ruled more indirectly. Algeria was France’s prize colony and the level of intervention was extremely high. It is one of the paradigmatic cases of direct rule.

What are the impact of European presence in Ghana?

The consequences were far reaching gold production virtually ceased leading to a reverse demand from the New World; famine occured in areas before food had been plentiful; while the pace of political centralization increased in those states that benefited from the slave trade.

What were the negative effects of European colonization in Africa?

Some of the negative impacts that are associated with colonization include; degradation of natural resources, capitalist, urbanization, introduction of foreign diseases to livestock and humans. Change of the social systems of living. Nevertheless, colonialism too impacted positively on the economies and social systems.

Which European country used indirect rule in Africa?


Where was indirect rule successful?

The system was a huge success in the Northern Nigeria mainly because of the highly developed traditional system of administration of the area. The Emirs were made use of in the administration including a new admiral, who was appointed by Lord Lugard himself.

How did imperialism affect Ghana?

Even though Britain left behind a good education system, Ghana struggles with illiteracy along with poverty, hunger, poor governance and even corruption in the government showing some of the things Britain left behind or caused were not beneficial to Ghana’s future. …

What were the aims of British indirect rule in Ghana?

The Colonization of Ghana The British used a method called Indirect rule in African colonies as a way of giving traditional African leaders new titles as colonial administrators. As Britain took control of the Gold Coast they dominated trade, introduced new techniques, grew new crops, and demand control of other areas.

Why the French government adopted the policy of assimilation?

The purpose of the theory of assimilation was to turn African natives into Frenchmen by educating them in the language and culture and to make them equal French citizens. The Four Communes remained the only French colony whose indigènes received French citizenship until 1944.

What country used direct rule?

Northern Ireland

What made British to leave India?

1947: Partition of India During World War Two, the British had mobilised India’s resources for their imperial war effort. They crushed the attempt of Mahatma Gandhi and the Indian National Congress to force them to ‘quit India’ in 1942. For this reason, Britain was desperate to keep India (and its army) united.

Why did indirect rule fail in the East?

One of the major reasons why indirect rule failed in the the east was because of the decentralized system of government in the east. Apparently, the east was made up of majorly Igbo, and the precolonial political system of the igbos was democratic in nature.

What are the advantages of indirect rule?

Advantages of Indirect Rule

  • Recognition of traditional chiefs.
  • Preservation of native institutions.
  • It was cheaper.
  • Eliminated bad traditional practices.
  • Modernization of traditional institutions.
  • Built trust.

What are the impact of European presence?

As Europeans moved beyond exploration and into colonization of the Americas, they brought changes to virtually every aspect of the land and its people, from trade and hunting to warfare and personal property. European goods, ideas, and diseases shaped the changing continent.

What is the difference between direct and indirect rule?

what are the differences between DIRECT and INDIRECT rule? Direct rule sends their own officials to rule, impose on the culture, and use the land for their own colonies. Indirect rule allows local rulers to decide on things, try to groom the kids to be like them, and did allow culture to stay (for the most part).

Which country colonized Ghana first?

These were the Gold Coast itself, Ashanti, the Northern Territories Protectorate and the British Togoland trust territory. The first European explorers to arrive at the coast were the Portuguese in 1471….Gold Coast (British colony)

Preceded by Succeeded by
Ashanti Empire British Togoland Dutch Gold Coast Danish Gold Coast Dominion of Ghana

What is direct and indirect mean?

Direct speech describes when something is being repeated exactly as it was – usually in between a pair of inverted commas. Indirect speech will still share the same information – but instead of expressing someone’s comments or speech by directly repeating them, it involves reporting or describing what was said.

Why the educated elite oppose indirect rule?

Reasons for opposition to Indirect Rule Slow pace of constitutional reforms needed to give Africans more say in their government. They resented the situation where chiefs lost their traditional legitimacy and became corrupt yes-men or stooges of the colonial government.

How did Britain combine direct and indirect rule in India?

How did Britain combine direct and indirect rule in India? Britain used both direct and indirect rule in India. The government took control over the colony from the British East India Company in the 1860s. The areas that the company had controlled were put under the purview of a viceroy appointed by the monarch.

Who ruled India before the British?

The Mughals ruled over a population in India that was two-thirds Hindu, and the earlier spiritual teachings of the Vedic tradition remained influential in Indian values and philosophy. The early Mughal empire was a tolerant place. Unlike the preceding civilisations, the Mughals controlled a vast area of India.

Why did Germany use the direct rule?

Direct rule was used because the Germans believed that it was the only system through which they could administer Tanganyika. They also believed the system would enable them effectively exploit and benefit from Tanganyika resources.