How do you use such?

How do you use such?

We can use such (as a determiner) before a noun phrase to add emphasis:

  1. We visited such fascinating places on our trip through central Asia.
  2. She has such lovely hair.
  3. She lived in such loneliness. ( formal)
  4. We had such an awful meal at that restaurant!

What punctuation should be used after such as?


What is such as in grammar?

We can use such as to introduce an example or examples of something we mention. We normally use a comma before such as when we present a list of examples. Where there is just one example, we don’t need a comma: The shop specialises in tropical fruits, such as pineapples, mangoes and papayas.

How do you write such as?

The phrase such as requires a comma in front of it only if it’s part of a nonrestrictive clause. Here’s a tip: Commas can be tricky, but they don’t have to trip you up. Grammarly’s writing assistant can help you make sure your punctuation, spelling, and grammar are tip-top on all your favorite websites.

Is it better to use AND or &?

In citations when the source has more than one author, use an ampersand to connect the last two (Smith, Greene & Jones, 2008). Some style guides (APA) recommend using the ampersand here while others (Chicago Manual of Style and The MLA Style Manual) write out “and.” When identifying more than one addressee: “Mr. & Mrs.

Where do we use which and that?

In a defining clause, use that. In non-defining clauses, use which. Remember, which is as disposable as a sandwich bag. If you can remove the clause without destroying the meaning of the sentence, the clause is nonessential and you can use which.

Do you put a comma after as such?

No comma after such as Note that such as should not be separated from the list of examples that follows it. For that reason, you should never put a comma immediately after such as.

What’s the difference between which and that?

“That” is used to indicate a specific object, item, person, condition, etc., while “which” is used to add information to objects, items, people, situations, etc. Because “which” indicates a non-restrictive (optional) clause, it is usually set off by commas before “which” and at the end of the clause.

When to use a and an in a sentence examples?

For example, which of these are correct? The same rule still applies. “A” is used before words starting in consonant sounds and “an” is used before words starting with vowel sounds. It doesn’t matter if the word is an adjective, a noun, an adverb, or anything else; the rule is exactly the same.

What type of word is such?

Grammar > Easily confused words > Such or so? Such is a determiner; so is an adverb. They often have the same meaning of ‘very’ or ‘to this degree’: Those are such good chocolates.

Is such as a formal word?

4 Answers. The phrase “such as” is a formal phrase, and as such, you should feel free to use it in formal writing. (The informal equivalent would be “like”: Places like the US have seen an increase in…)

Do you use a semicolon after Such as?

The semicolon can be used between two closely related complete sentences; moreover, it can be used between two complete sentences linked with a transitional word such as also, moreover, therefore, etc. Don’t be confused by the semicolon’s name; think of a semicolon as a hard comma or a soft period, NOT as a colon.

Can I start a sentence with such as?

Yes, it is perfectly fine. “Such as” is essentially a different way of saying “for example”. Many universities, including UC Davis, UC Santa Cruz, and UC Irvine…

Can you use AND and OR in the same sentence?

‘And/or’ is the “either ‘and’ or ‘or’” conjunction. It looks clumsy but is used whenever inclusive or is needed. English does not have an explicitly inclusive or, so this construction is used in its place. It is read as “and or” which causes some writers to omit the slash.

How do you use an and an?

Use “a” before words that start with a consonant sound and “an” before words that start with a vowel sound. Other letters can also be pronounced either way. Just remember it is the sound that governs whether you use “a” or “an,” not the actual first letter of the word.

What is the correct way to write and or?

You’d be hard pressed to find a style guide that doesn’t admonish you to drop “and/or” and choose either “and” or “or.” In writing either and or or is usually adequate. If a greater distinction is needed, another phrasing is available : X or Y, or both. It is more common in technical,business,and legal writing.

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How do you use such in a sentence?

Examples of ‘as such’ in a sentence as such

  1. They are toys and should only be used as such.
  2. As such it was soon in great demand.
  3. He is not against economic growth as such.
  4. The wedding went off much as such affairs do.
  5. He is against due process as such.
  6. And as such it pretty much sets the tone of this show.