How many different cards are in Loteria?

How many different cards are in Lotería?

54 lotería cards
The following is a list of the original 54 lotería cards, traditionally and broadly recognized in Mexico. Below each card name and number, are the verses (in Spanish) sometimes used to tell the players which card was drawn.

What are the 54 Lotería cards?

El Gallo (The Rooster)

  • El Diablito (The Little Devil)
  • La Dama (The Lady)
  • El Catrin (The Dandy)
  • El Paraguas (The Umbrella)
  • La Sirena (The Siren or The Mermaid)
  • La Escalera (The ladder)
  • La Botella (The Bottle)
  • Is Lotería based on Tarot?

    The classic game of Lotería drew a lot of inspiration from the ancient practice of Tarot. The Millennial Lotería Tarot Deck explores the similarities between these two timeless traditions with a modern twist—finally reuniting these long lost primos to help you reconnect with your Latinx magic.

    How do you create a Lotería?


    1. Step 1: Find 54 photos you want to use!
    2. Step 2: Customize your photos.
    3. Step 3: Make a Canva account and use my template to make your board cards!
    4. Step 4: Then you need to use those photos for playing cards.
    5. PRINTING NOTE: I do all of my printing through the UPS store.

    What is La Chalupa in Lotería?

    Those of us who grew up in South Texas, especially in Mexican American neighborhoods, are familiar with the game of Mexican Bingo, often called “Loteria (Lottery)” or “Chalupa (a small boat full of goodies, in this case).

    How many big cards are in Lotería?

    Mexican bingo. Jumbo size. 19 very large boards, 54 decks.

    What is La Loteria Nacional?

    The Spanish Christmas Lottery (officially Sorteo Extraordinario de Navidad [soɾˈteo estɾaoɾðiˈnaɾjo ðe naβiˈðað] or simply Lotería de Navidad [loteˈɾia ðe naβiˈðað]) is a special draw of the Lotería Nacional, the weekly national lottery run by Spain’s state-owned Loterías y Apuestas del Estado.

    What is Catrin from Lotería?

    “El Catrin” is one of the images found in the Lotería game. In Mexican culture the term Catrin is used to describe a Dandy-like gentleman.

    What are the dimensions of a Loteria card?

    There are 10 tablas (playing sheets), made of stiffened card stock, measuring 8-1/2 inches by 5-1/4 inches, with 16 images each. There are also 57 cards (measuring 2-3/4 by 3-3/4 inches) for calling the images.

    Who played Lotería first?

    The traditional Loteria originated in Italy, moved to Spain, and finally came to Mexico in 1769. Initially played by the colonial Mexican elite, it eventually was embraced by all social classes. In the 19th and early 20th centuries, Mexican farms and towns were few and far between.

    Who invented Lotería?

    entrepreneur Don Clemente Jacques
    In 1887 French entrepreneur Don Clemente Jacques created the “Lotería El Gallo,” the most traditional format of the game played today. This version includes 54 cards with a series of pictures and a random number of “tablas” or boards. Each board has 16 images—four vertical and four horizontal.