How many paintings did Gustave Caillebotte paint?

How many paintings did Gustave Caillebotte paint?

In total, Caillebotte painted over 500 works, but his remarkable abilities went largely ignored because most of his paintings were owned privately by family and friends and were neither exhibited nor reproduced until the later part of the twentieth century, except for the retrospective following his death twelve years …

What is Gustave Caillebotte famous for?

Caillebotte is best known for his paintings of urban Paris, such as The Europe Bridge (Le Pont de l’Europe) (1876), and Paris Street; Rainy Day (Rue de Paris; temps de pluie, also known as La Place de l’Europe, temps de pluie) (1877).

Why did Gustave Caillebotte paint?

It was during his teen years, when his family enjoyed their summers on their large estate in Yerres, that a young Caillebotte began to paint and draw, igniting an artistic passion that would shape his life.

Who was Gustave Caillebotte?

Gustave Caillebotte, (born August 19, 1848, Paris, France—died February 21, 1894, Gennevilliers), French painter, art collector, and impresario who combined aspects of the academic and Impressionist styles in a unique synthesis.

What was Gustave Caillebotte style?

Gustave Caillebotte/Periods

What techniques did Gustave Caillebotte use?

For top creative practitioners, see: Best Artists of All Time. An active figure in French painting of the late 19th century, the artist Gustave Caillebotte was closely associated with Impressionism and adopted Impressionist techniques, although his natural style was closer to Realism.

Is Gustave Caillebotte an Impressionist?

Summary of Gustave Caillebotte While he is classified as an Impressionist, the paintings that are considered by most to be his masterpieces actually fall more into the category of Realism, like the work of his predecessors, Millet and Courbet, and even Degas or Monet’s earlier work.

Where is Gustave Caillebotte from?

Paris, FranceGustave Caillebotte / Place of birth

Was Caillebotte married?

Caillebotte never married, although he is thought to have had a serious and long-term relationship with a woman named Charlotte Berthier. She was 11 years younger than him and apparently from a lower-class family; when he died, Caillebotte left her a large annuity.

Where did Gustave Caillebotte live?

ParisGustave Caillebotte / Places lived