How many volumes does legendary moonlight sculptor have?

How many volumes does legendary moonlight sculptor have?

The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor first published as a Korean light novel authored by Heesung Nam (남희성). The series began publication on January 2007, and has published 51 volumes so far.

Is Moonlight Sculptor any good?

Moonlight Sculptor is an impressive feat. It manages to feel like a large RPG scaled down to phone size while retaining the mechanics that fans of MMORPGs would expect to find. But having all the bells and whistles does not necessarily mean you have a good game.

How do you get the hidden class in moonlight sculptor?

Quests: Player gets the chance to get a hidden/secret classes by doing quests that are normally not known or ignored by regular players even if known. Race: Some classes like Orcs enjoy race-exclusive classes. Items: Special items could unlock a hidden class.

What is the max level in moonlight sculptor?

Level 300+ are the highest up, and sometimes famous. Some start to evolves as higher up of guilds/towns/religious orders or even leaders.

Who is the strongest in the legendary moonlight sculptor?

Reputation. Bard Ray is known as Hermes Guild’s strongest and highest level swordsman. He is one of the highest ranker in Royal Road, if not the highest… and has the reputation to be the “Strongest of the Continent”.

What is the best class in moonlight sculptor?

MMORPG expert: If you know what you’re doing, we’d recommend the Mage. It’s undoubtedly the best damage dealer in the entire game, whose attacks are all capable of AoE damage. It also has great utility, and can slow, knockback, and stun its opponents.

Can you change class moonlight sculptor?

If you wish to change to a different 2nd Class, you have to change to their 1st Class first. Changing to a different class while doing the Class Change questline will automatically cancel and reset the quest. You can only proceed with 1 2nd Class Change per hour.

What is the fastest way to level up moonlight sculptor?

To level up, you need EXP; complete the main quests, daily quests(unlocks at level 27), hunt monsters to gain EXP. When you level up in Moonlight Sculptor(after level 10), you will gain the stat points, which you can spend in building the attribute of characters.

Can you reset stats in moonlight sculptor?

With each level your character gains, you are rewarded a stat point, which can be used to increase one of the abilities of your character. If you want to reset your character’s abilities you can do so by using a Potion of Oblivion, which can be purchased for Butterflies or Gold.

What is the best class for moonlight sculptor?

So what’s the best Moonlight Sculptor class?

  • MMORPG beginner: If you’re new to the world of MMORPGs or RPGs, go with the Warrior.
  • MMORPG expert: If you know what you’re doing, we’d recommend the Mage.
  • Team-player: Not playing solo?
  • Easily bored: Play the Archer.
  • Everyone else: Well, it’s the Alchemist, isn’t it?

How do you tame a golem moonlight sculptor?

In the top-right corner, tap the bag or backpack icon button -> then tap on pet feed -> then add it to one of the attachment slots. Go near the pet which you want to tame in Moonlight Sculptor and then tap on the pet feed. Make sure you don’t hit the pet, just select it and then tap on the pet feed.