How much are HOA dues at Robson Ranch Denton TX?

How much are HOA dues at Robson Ranch Denton TX?

$3,423.56 a year
HOA Fees: $3,423.56 a year. Includes access to Robson Ranch amenities including fitness facilities, resort pools, creative arts building, tennis courts and more! Why this home is special: This home will be ready for a Summer 2021 move-in.

Who owns Robson Communities?

Edward J. Robson
In 1972, Edward J. Robson, Founder & Chairman of Robson Communities, Inc., began his legacy of creating exceptional retirement communities for active adults. Today, more than 50,000 people call a Robson Resort Community home.

What city is Robson Ranch in AZ?

Robson Ranch Arizona is a 55+ golf community located in Eloy, Arizona.

How many homes are in Robson Ranch Texas?

There are 6,119 housing units in Robson Ranch, and the median year in which these properties were built is 2001. Of the 5,733 occupied housing units in Robson Ranch, 66.41% are owner-occupied, while 33.59% have renters living in them.

Is Denton Dallas County?

Denton is a city in and the county seat of Denton County, Texas, United States. With a population of 139,869 as of 2020, it is the 27th-most populous city in Texas, the 197th-most populous city in the United States, and the 12th-most populous city in the Dallas–Fort Worth metroplex.

How old is SaddleBrooke Ranch?

SaddleBrooke Ranch will have 1,500 single-family homes upon completion. Therefore, if you’re searching for an attached home, be sure to peruse the options in SaddleBrooke. The oldest homes here date from 1989, when construction began, whereas the oldest homes at SaddleBrooke Ranch were constructed in 2008.

What is Robson?

[ rob-suhn ] SHOW IPA. / ˈrɒb sən / PHONETIC RESPELLING. noun. Mount, a mountain in SW Canada, in E British Columbia: highest peak in the Canadian Rockies, 12,972 feet (3,954 meters).

How far is Robson Ranch to Phoenix?

60 miles away
The community is just 60 miles away from both Phoenix and Tucson, making it a central location to the best of what Arizona has to offer.

Where are Robson resort communities located?

Located just south of Denton in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex you’ll enjoy an ideal retirement lifestyle with new home designs, world-class amenities including championship golf and abundant opportunities to socialize with friends and neighbors.

How many acres is Robson Ranch Texas?

Robson Ranch Texas is the first Retirement community started by Mr. Robson outside of Arizona in 2001. The first homes at Robson Ranch in Denton were built in 2002 and to date there are 1500 homes that have been constructed. Robson Ranch is being built on 2700 acres in the city limits of Denton.

What are the demographics of Robson Ranch Denton TX?

There are 14,794 residents in Robson Ranch, with a median age of 40.1. Of this, 51.25% are males and 48.75% are females. US-born citizens make up 86.89% of the resident pool in Robson Ranch, while non-US-born citizens account for 6.32%. Additionally, 6.79% of the population is represented by non-citizens.