How much does it cost to be buried at Neptune Memorial Reef?

How much does it cost to be buried at Neptune Memorial Reef?

The cost of a single placement, in which ashes are mixed with cement into the mold, starts at $1,999. Neptune also offers “Scatter at Sea” options for as low as $595, which includes scattering ashes in open water above the reef with a plaque placed on the reef.

How much does an eternal reef cost?

Eternal Reefs works with the families, and the state and local agencies to find the area of most benefit for the memorial reefs. How much do Memorial Reefs cost? The price ranges from $7,495 for the Mariner Memorial Reef to $2,995 for the Aquarius Eternal Reef Direct memorial.

Can you snorkel Neptune Memorial Reef?

All are welcome on Neptune Memorial Reef; it is a very popular SCUBA and snorkeling site, while also being frequented by those who enjoy viewing from the comfort of the boat. “Thanks to its marine protected area listing, the reef is a sanctuary to endangered and threatened species.

How deep is the Neptune Memorial Reef?

40 feet
The Neptune Memorial Reef is an underwater columbarium in what was conceived by the creator as the world’s largest man-made reef (covering over 600,000 square feet (56,000 m2) of ocean floor) at a depth of 40 feet (12 m) ).

Where is Julia Child’s buried at?

Neptune Memorial Reef, FLJulia Child / Place of burial

What was the purpose for the Neptune Memorial Reef?

The Reef was designed by a marine biologist to attract and support certain marine life to build an ecosystem. Neptune Memorial Reef™ is teeming with life at a faster rate than hoped, and is an ecological success.

What is the Neptune Memorial Reef made of?

Memorialization in the Reef is achieved by carefully blending cremated remains with a natural concrete substance, which is then molded and secured within the various artistic structures, complete with an engraved copper plaque.

What was used to make the Neptune reef?

Custom-built molds are used to create columns, arches, and bases from steel reinforced concrete. The concrete contains additives for faster curing and to reduce water penetration. Several pieces are built including bases, columns, and road units consisting of four column arches.

Where is the underwater graveyard?

Located about 3.25 miles off the coast of Key Biscayne in Florida you will find Neptune Memorial Reef which is truly an underwater world like no other. This underwater cemetery is a unique spot that you could make your final resting place one day.

What is underwater off the coast of Florida?

It is deployed on the ocean floor 62 feet (19 meters) below the surface and next to a deep coral reef named Conch Reef….Aquarius Reef Base.

Aquarius on Conch Reef, off the Florida Keys
Established July 23, 1986
Research type Underwater research and ocean exploration
Location Florida Keys, Florida