How much does it cost to go to Herkimer diamond Mine?

How much does it cost to go to Herkimer diamond Mine?

There is plenty of free parking in the open parking lot at Herkimer Diamond Mines. If you wish to prospect for Herkimer Diamonds in the open mines, admission for the 2019 season is $14.00 per person for ages 13 and up; $12.00 per person for ages 5 to 12; and free for children 4 years and under.

Where can I go to dig for Herkimer Diamonds?

Herkimer Diamond Mines is located just north of Herkimer, New York. At this site, you can actually go mining for your own Herkimer diamonds and keep whatever you find!

What is special about Herkimer Diamonds?

Herkimer diamonds are highly appreciated for their unique crystal appearance, naturally faceted ends, extraordinary clarity, and healing properties. Their quality is determined by 4Cs (carat, cut, clarity, and color), like real diamonds. You can use them as display stones or for designing various pieces of jewelry.

How can you tell if a Herkimer diamond is real?

The true diamond must be painstakingly cut by man to give it smooth faces and a geometrical shape. On a hardness scale, a true diamond scores a ten. Herkimer Diamond quartz crystals falls at a 7.5 on the scale, giving the real diamond a close race. They are naturally faceted, each having eighteen facets and 2 points.

Who owns the Herkimer Diamond Mines?

Dr. Renee’ Scialdo Shevat
Dr. Renee’ Scialdo Shevat, President and Owner of the Herkimer Diamond Mines, Inc.

What is special about a Herkimer Diamond?

what are Herkimer Diamonds? Herkimer Diamonds are beautiful double-terminated quartz crystals found in Herkimer, New York. Incredibly, these phenomenal gemstones are close to five hundred million years old. The crystals are magnificent works of nature, found in the rock, having a diamond-like geometrical shape.

What’s the difference between a diamond and a Herkimer Diamond?