How often should you take Cold-EEZE?

How often should you take Cold-EEZE?

It is recommended to take Cold-EEZE at the first sign of a cold as indicated. Repeat every 2-4 hours as needed until all symptoms subside.

Can you take too much Cold-EEZE?

Taking more than the recommended dose (overdose) may cause liver damage. In case of overdose, get medical help or contact a Poison Control Center right away (1-800-222-1222). Quick medical attention is critical for adults as well as for children even if you do not notice any signs or symptoms.

Is Cold-EEZE clinically proven?

The efficacy of Cold-EEZE®’s cold-shortening formulation is clinically tested by the Cleveland Clinic Study.

What is the active ingredient in Cold-EEZE?


Can Cold-EEZE cause high blood pressure?

increased risk of bleeding due to clotting disorder. manic-depression. high blood pressure.

Can I drink orange juice with Cold-EEZE?

avoid minor stomach upset – Do not dissolve COLD-EEZE® lozenges on an empty stomach – avoid citrus fruits or juices and products containing citric acid 1/2 hour before or after taking COLD-EEZE corn syrup, honey, glycine, natural flavors and sucrose.

Does Cold-EEZE cause high blood pressure?

What are the side effects of zinc lozenges?

Zinc — especially in lozenge form — also has side effects, including nausea or a bad taste in the mouth. Many people who used zinc nasal sprays suffered a permanent loss of smell. For this reason, Mayo Clinic doctors caution against using such sprays.

Does Cold-EEZE have acetaminophen?

This product contains acetaminophen. Severe liver damage may occur if you take: more than 6 doses in 24 hours, which is the maximum daily amount.

Does zinc help with cold and flu?

Zinc is available in two forms—oral zinc (e.g., lozenges, tablets, syrup) and intranasal zinc (e.g., swabs and gels). A 2015 analysis of clinical trials found that oral zinc helps to reduce the length of colds when taken within 24 hours after symptoms start.

Does zinc help with flu?

There is currently no strong scientific evidence that any natural product is useful against the flu. Zinc taken orally (by mouth) may help to treat colds, but it can cause side effects and interact with medicines.

Can you take Mucinex with Cold-EEZE?

Interactions between your drugs No interactions were found between Mucinex and Zinc Plus Lozenges. However, this does not necessarily mean no interactions exist. Always consult your healthcare provider.