How to upload file in struts?

How to upload file in struts?

  1. Setup Eclipse project. 1.1.
  2. Configure Tomcat. We need to add a server to the project in order to automatically deploy and run the web application right inside Eclipse.
  3. Configure Struts in web. xml.
  4. Configure log4j.
  5. Configure Struts in struts.
  6. Code file upload form.
  7. Code Struts action class.
  8. Code upload result page.

Which interceptor facilitates easy file uploading?

8 fileUpload
Struts2 Framework Interceptors

Sr.No Interceptor & Description
8 fileUpload Facilitates easy file uploading.
9 i18n Keeps track of the selected locale during a user’s session.
10 logger Provides simple logging by outputting the name of the action being executed.
11 params Sets the request parameters on the action.

What is ActionSupport in Struts 2?

ActionSupport class implements a no. of interfaces like Action, Validateable, LocaleProvider and Serializable etc. It is more commonly used instead of Action interface.

What is Struts2 interceptor ref?

Interceptor is an object that is invoked at the preprocessing and postprocessing of a request. In Struts 2, interceptor is used to perform operations such as validation, exception handling, internationalization, displaying intermediate result etc.

What is defaultStack interceptor in Struts2?

The default Interceptor stack is designed to serve the needs of most applications. Most applications will not need to add Interceptors or change the Interceptor stack. Many Actions share common concerns. Some Actions need input validated. Other Actions may need a file upload to be pre-processed.

What is Struts 2 interceptor ref?

What is Opensymphony xwork2 ActionSupport?

opensymphony. xwork2. ActionSupport), a very powerful and convenience class that provides default implementation of few of the important interfaces : public class ActionSupport implements Action, Validateable, ValidationAware, TextProvider, LocaleProvider, Serializable { }

What is FormFile in Java?

All Known Implementing Classes: CommonsMultipartRequestHandler.CommonsFormFile, DiskFile public interface FormFile. This interface represents a file that has been uploaded by a client. It is the only interface or class in upload package which is typically referenced directly by a Struts application.

What is valueStack in Struts2?

A valueStack is simply a stack that contains application specific objects such as action objects and other model object. At the execution time, action is placed on the top of the stack. We can put objects in the valuestack, query it and delete it.

What is interceptor ref in Struts XML?