In what year was Season 1 for the Waltons set?

In what year was Season 1 for the Waltons set?

The series takes place from the spring of 1933 to June 1946. Patricia Neal was cast as Olivia Walton in the pilot. Health problems prevented her from continuing, so the role ultimately went to Michael Learned.

Is Waltons a true story?

Lies the small town of Schulyer, Virginia, home of the Hamner family – the real-life family on which the Waltons were based. The mountain town of Schuyler is home to about 400 residents, and there the two-story Hamner family home still stands.

What happened to the real John Boy on The Waltons?

According to the news agency, Thomas had won an Emmy Award for his work on “The Waltons.” However, “in 1977 he decided to quit the series to pursue other opportunities.”

Why did Richard Thomas quit Waltons?

After five seasons, Richard Thomas left the Waltons to pursue other interests. He has devoted much of his time to motion pictures for television.

What time frame is The Waltons based on?

The series, which took place in the fictional rural Virginia town of Walton’s Mountain and spanned the years from the Great Depression to World War II, ran for nine seasons from September 1972 through June 1981.

Does The Waltons house still exist?

The original house that served as the backdrop to Hamner’s childhood was built in the early 20th century in the village of Schuyler in Nelson County, where it still stands today. Intended as a company house, it was likely built by M.J. Copps, the manager of a local soapstone quarry who purchased the land in 1915.

What happened to Ben and Cindy’s daughter on The Waltons?

Cindy Walton (formerly Cindy Brunson) is the wife of Benjamin Walton, they were married in the Tv series and had a daughter Virginia also goes by Ginny she died from accidental drowning at a young age, they also had a son Charles he was born on Mothers Day on Waltons Mountain but was never seen or mentioned again after …

Did Waltons own Waltons Mountain?

Hollywood based the show on Hamner’s book, Spencer’s Mountain, about a family in rural Virginia. Warner Brothers owned the rights to the book and movie version of Spencer’s Mountain so the names were changed to avoid confusion.

Did any of the actors on The Waltons date each other?

In an exclusive interview with on the fifth anniversary of his death, Learned, 79, reveals that she and Waite ‘were in love’ off screen and they even went on a date.