Is 2960 the end of life?

Is 2960 the end of life?

On October 31st, 2020, Cisco announced the end-of-life and end-of-sale date for the Cisco Catalyst 2960X/2960XR switches.

What is the difference between LAN Base and LAN Lite?

LAN Base is still heavily reliant on Layer 2+ static routing, with few options for dynamic packet routes. It does, however, offer much more robust VoIP options than LAN Lite, including ingress policing, AutoQOS, and DSCP mapping.

Can you stack 2960X and 2960XR?

A: No, 2960x and 2960xr cannot be stacked together.

What is the difference between Cisco IP base and IP services?

The IP base is for the Standard Multilayer Software Image (SMI) switches, and the IP services image is for the Enhanced Standard Multilayer Software Image (EMI) switches in Cisco IOS Software Release 12.2(25)SEB and later.

How many Cisco switches can you stack?

Cisco StackWise technology unites up to nine switches. The master switch manages each of these devices. Any member within the stacked unit can be the master switch.

Are Cisco stack modules hot swappable?

The FlexStack-Plus module is hot swappable and it can be added to any Cisco 2960-X or Catalyst 2960-XR with a FlexStack-Plus slot. It will automatically upgrade to the stack’s Cisco IOS Software version and transparently join the stack switch.

How do I know if a Cisco switch is PoE?

To display the inline power status of all interfaces or a specific interface, use the show switch interface inline-status command in privileged EXEC mode. Displays the inline power status of all interfaces. For verification and the command output display, use the show switch interface inline-status command.

What is Cisco LAN base?

LAN Base is a powerful license for layer 2 access switches. Its broad range of access features covers all LAN Lite capabilities plus more robust features such as VTPv3 and FlexLinks. VTP version 3 offers better administrative control over VLAN topology information sharing to reduce unintended or disruptive changes.

What is an IP base?