Is it the staff is or staff are?

Is it the staff is or staff are?

If the collective noun (staff) is acting as a single unit, use the singular verb: “The staff is very efficient.” If the collective noun is meant to highlight the actions of discrete individuals who are all doing different things, use the plural verb: “The staff are working on many projects for the holiday party.”

Is staff singular or plural grammar?

staff ​Definitions and Synonyms ​‌‌‌

singular staff
plural staffs

Which is correct staff are?

Reader’s question: Which is correct: staff or staffs when referring to people? Answer: The correct word is staff if you are referring to a group of people within an organisation. Pam Peters points out that the use of staff as a collective noun creates the need for a word to describe an individual member of staff.

Is staff a plural?

The plural of “staff” is “staffs,” and when you talk about staffs, you’re talking about separate bodies of people, which, of course, requires a plural verb: The staffs of both colleges were supportive of the joint program.

How do you use staff in a sentence?

serve on the staff of.

  1. Bread is the staff of life.
  2. A staff is quickly found to beat a dog with.
  3. All the hospital staff were wonderfully supportive.
  4. There are standard procedures for dismissing staff.
  5. We’ll be down to a skeleton staff over Christmas.
  6. He refused to name the members of staff involved.

Are the team or is the team?

Usage guide When writing in American English, treat groups as singular (the team is , the board is ), unless considering the individuals that make up the group. In British English, prefer the plural verb with collective nouns (the government are , the committee are ), unless speaking of the group as a single unit.

How do you use staffs in a sentence?

Staffs sentence example

  1. Hospital staffs should be kept apart.
  2. Administration and headquarters staffs comprised 885 officers and 531 men.

When can I use staffs?

Staff or Staffs? (Do you use ”staff” with a plural or singular verb?) Staff(meaning a collection of employees) is both the singular and plural of the noun. Staff is a collective noun so you need to think if the staff are performing an action together or separately. The staff does all their work from home.

Are all staff or is all staff?

“Staff” is often used as a collective noun. (A collective noun is a word that appears singular but represents an entire group.) If the group is acting as a unit – in other words, everyone – you use a singular verb. In this case, the singular verb is “is.” It implies all members must do this.

How do you say staff in plural?

  1. 1 staff /ˈstæf/ Brit /ˈstɑːf/ noun.
  2. plural staffs or staves /ˈsteɪvz/
  3. plural staffs or staves /ˈsteɪvz/

What are staff members?

Definitions of staff member. an employee who is a member of a staff of workers (especially a member of the staff that works for the President of the United States) synonyms: staffer. type of: employee. a worker who is hired to perform a job.

What is another word for staff member?

synonyms for staff member

  • agent.
  • attendant.
  • clerk.
  • laborer.
  • member.
  • operator.
  • representative.
  • worker.