Is the CBR650F a good bike?

Is the CBR650F a good bike?

CBRs have an excellent reputation for reliability and the CBR650F is based around the tried and trusted RR engine in a lower state of tune, so all should be well on that front. The build quality is pleasingly good for a bike built to a budget.

Why was the CBR650F discontinued?

Since its debut back in 2015, the Honda CBR650F failed to grab the attention needed from the bike enthusiasts and hence its sale figures were never quite in the right spot. For the year 2019, the company upgraded the bike with revamped looks, engine, and electronics.

Is CBR650F a superbike?

Combined with its lightish weight and a rear shock that holds up its end of the conversation, a good gearbox and strong brakes with great feel, this is a motorcycle, that just like that first F2, has great balance….2018 Honda CBR650F.

Engine 17.5/20
Appearance/Quality 9.0/10
Desirability 8.0/10
Value 7.0/10
Overall Score 86/100

How fast does a CBR650F go?

Honda CBR650F top speed 139.1 mph.

Is a 650 A good beginner bike?

Kawasaki’s Ninja 650R Has Been an Entry-Level Staple Since 2006. Bikes like the Ninja 650R, FZ6R, and SV650 are ideal for new riders that either needs something larger due to their height, or are confident in their ability to manage a bit more power than what the typical “beginner bike” ships with.

How much horsepower does a CBR650F have?

Honda CBR 650F

Make Model Honda CBR 650F
Ignition Digital transistorized with electronic advance
Starting Electric
Max Power 67 kW / 89.8 hp @ 11000rpm (95/1/EC)
Max Torque 64 Nm / 47.2 lb-ft @ 8000rpm (95/1/EC)

What is the difference between Honda CBR650F and CBR650R?

In terms of features, the CBR650F featured a single LED headlamp, while the CBR650R, being the sportier of the two, is equipped with aggressively styled twin-LED headlamps. The CBR650R sports a modern-looking LCD instrument cluster whereas the CBR650F had an archaic twin-pod digital instrument cluster.

Is CBR650F discontinued?

One of the very few fully faired, four-cylinder sports bikes available in India, the CBR650F has also sold out. Honda has discontinued the CBR650F in the country.

Is 650cc too much?

Generally speaking, a 650cc motorcycle can be considered a motorcycle suitable for intermediate riders. Not all 650cc motorcycles are suitable and good for beginners to start learning on. Some 650cc motorcycles can be fairly powerful, unpredictable, and heavy, making them bad beginner bikes.

How many gears does the CBR650F have?

The CBR650F is powered by a 649cc, liquid-cooled, DOHC, 4-stroke, inline four-cylinder, 16 valve motor producing 85.2 BHP of power @ 11,000 RPM and 62.9 Nm of torque @ 8,000 RPM. The engine is mated to a 6-speed transmission and gets fuel injection as well.

How much HP does a CBR650F have?