Is there a video game for Vampire Diaries?

Is there a video game for Vampire Diaries?

The Vampire Diaries Game was developed by Her Interactive. It was released in November of 1996 by American Laser Games, Inc. for Windows.

What is the best scene in Vampire Diaries?

The Vampire Diaries: The Best Moments From The 10 Highest Ranked Episodes On IMDb

  1. 1 Elena’s Flashback (The Departed, 9.5)
  2. 2 Everything About The Series Finale (I Was Feeling Epic, 9.3)
  3. 3 Damon Confesses To Elena (Graduation, 9.2)
  4. 4 Elena Is Katherine (Founder’s Day, 9.2)
  5. 5 Damon Makes A Promise (Masquerade, 9.1)

What is the blood they drink in Vampire Diaries?

Well, on the set of The Vampire Diaries, the fake blood used for portraying vampire snacks, was actually edible. So if anybody got a little hungry, they could eat it, as it contained corn syrup, peppermint extract, and other yummy ingredients.

Does TVD make you cry?

While fans laughed and rejoiced alongside their favorite characters, they also shed some tears. Some of these heart-wrenching moments were particularly sob worthy. Let’s take a look at which moments made fans weep in sadness.

Can vampires drink period blood?

First of all, periods are mostly not blood, and whatever blood is there is old and has little oxygen in it. For vampires to be drawn to blood, it must be straight from the bloodstream, where it is “fresh”, or kept fresh in bags that doctors have and can reheat for vampire consumption.

Who is the saddest character TVD?

The Vampire Diaries: Most Heartbreaking Deaths, Ranked

  1. 1 Alaric Saltzman. Speaking of characters who died multiple times, there’s Alaric Saltzman.
  2. 2 Stefan Salvatore. Stefan Salvatore is a character who died a few times on the show.
  3. 3 Jenna Sommers.
  4. 4 Enzo St.
  5. 5 Jeremy Gilbert.
  6. 6 Rose.
  7. 7 Anna.
  8. 8 Elizabeth Forbes.