Is US office or UK office better?

Is US office or UK office better?

Is The Office US better than the UK? Based on the factors mentioned above, The Office US is better between the two versions. Since the American remake has Michael (who is better than David) and has less realistic yet funnier scenes, The Office US is definitely a better sitcom.

Is the UK office the same as the US office?

Both versions of The Office take place in regional branches of corporate paper companies in industrial towns. The UK series is set in the fictional Wernham Hogg office in the Slough Trading Estate in England, while the US version is set in the Dunder Mifflin office in the “Electric City” of Scranton, Penn.

Is David Brent a narcissist?

In an interview with the New York Times last weekend, Gervais said of David Brent, “He wants validation. He wants to be famous. He’s a narcissist, but we see that, actually, he’s an old-fashioned narcissist. He can’t compete with today’s narcissists.

Did UK or US office come first?

The Office is a mockumentary sitcom created by Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant, first made in the United Kingdom, then Germany, and subsequently the United States. It has since been remade in eight other countries.

Why was office Season 4 so short?

The season was originally set to include 30 episodes, but due to the 2007–2008 Writers Guild of America strike, production was called to a halt, in result, the season was shortened to 19 episodes.

Is Michael Scott a narcissist?

Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD) would explain majority of the character, Michael Scott’s personality quirks and behavioral oddities which include such things as extreme self-centeredness, attention seeking, fantasy thinking, etc.

What mental illness does David Brent have?

Fragile narcissistic characters did not get much attention before David Brent. Fragile narcissists differ from two other forms of narcissism, known as the grandiose/malignant type and the high functioning/exhibitionistic type. (Russ, Shedler, Bradley, & Westen (2008).

How much did Steve Carell make from The Office?

Carell made $87,000 per episode for the first season of the show and $175,000 for the next two seasons, as stated by Medium. The actor made $300,000 per episode by Season 7.