Is Zellers coming back to Canada in 2021?

Is Zellers coming back to Canada in 2021?

2021: Pop-up shop In late August 2021, HBC relaunched the Zellers brand as a pop-up shop within a Hudson’s Bay department store located at the Burlington Centre mall in Ontario.

When did Zellers close in Brampton?

But three of Brampton’s four Zellers’ stores — in Trinity Commons Mall, Bramalea City Centre and Shoppers World have already closed and won’t find new life in Target Canada. The Zellers in Centennial Mall will close on Dec. 17, BourrĂ© said.

Are there any Zellers stores left in Canada?

The Canadian department retailer that is currently owned by the Hudson’s Bay Company (HBC) has been closed since 2013, but the company is making a comeback, in pop-up form. HBC told CTV News that a pop-up shop has been opened inside its Burlington Mall location in Ontario.

Is Zellers ever coming back?

More than eight years after the closure of most of its stores across Canada, Zellers is back — sort of. The Hudson’s Bay Company (HBC) revived the Zellers brand as a pop-up shop within a Bay store in Burlington Ont.

Where is Zellers in Ontario?

Burlington Centre Bay store
The name and logo of Zellers hang from the rafters on the upper floor of the Burlington Centre Bay store, hidden in a corner near the toy section just past a broken escalator. It’s not a standalone, full Zellers in the style of decades past.

Did Target buy Zellers?

U.S. retailer Target said Thursday it is buying the store leases of Canadian discount retail chain Zellers from the U.S. investor who owns the Hudson’s Bay Co. assets for $1.8 billion.

What was the restaurant in Zellers called?

The first diner opened in Zellers in 1960 and had changed its name from The Skillet to Zellers Family Restaurant.

When did BiWay close in Canada?

Defunct discount chain BiWay is set to make a comeback of sorts in 2019. BiWay had around 250 shops across the country and operated for more than 30 years before shutting down in 2001.

Is Zellers coming back to Toronto?

After closing the doors of its last remaining store in 2020, Zellers has made a comeback in the GTA and it’s giving us a dose of nostalgia we didn’t know we needed. Zellers has reopened as a pop-up shop inside the Hudson’s Bay at Burlington Centre, according to Retail Insider.

Where is the Zellers pop up?

Burlington Mall
Fans of the closed-down retail chain can relive its glory days at the pop-up in Burlington Mall and score some signature Zellers apparel, toys, and more.

What does Zellers mean?

Zellers is a local name for a person who lived in the place named Zell.