Should I upgrade the Lemi RE8?

Should I upgrade the Lemi RE8?

The LEMI Handgun, which is the first firearm Ethan finds in the story, isn’t worth holding onto for the whole game, but it’s going to be players’ main weapon in Castle Dimitrescu during a first playthrough, so it’s worth upgrading.

How much Lei do I need to fully upgrade the stake?

It takes about 2.1M Lei to fully upgrade the S.T.A.K.E Magnum, and using this trick lets you keep all the Lei for anything else you want to buy. At some point, you should purchase every single customizable gun part from the Duke’s shop and equip them, which unlocks the Veteran Gunsmith achievement.

Is the V61 custom worth it?

Over multiple playthroughs, it’s worth picking up the V61 Custom. It doesn’t take up much space in an upgraded inventory, and players can throw some cash to upgrade it now and then. Once its stats outmatch the M1911, players can switch over to it and sell the M1911.

What is the strongest gun in Resident Evil Village?

Hands down, the M1851 Wolfsbane is the single most powerful handgun in the entire game in terms of raw stopping power. To get it, players first have to defeat Salvatore Moreau and then leave the Reservoir to find some abandoned houses nearby. The gun is in the house with the locked doors.

Is the Samurai Edge better than the Lemi?

The Samurai Edge has better base stats than the LEMI, but it quickly becomes a paper tiger once it sees action. The gun is not upgradeable and cannot be modded, meaning the slightly superior base stats to the LEMI don’t mean much at all in the long run.

Is WCX or Dragoon better?

The WCX is better than the Dragoon, making it the best assault rifle in Resident Evil Village. In terms of base stats, the Dragoon is actually superior in almost every way. Problem is, the Dragoon full-auto AR is not upgradable in RE Village.

Which shotgun is better RE8?

SYG-12. The SYG-12 is the best end-game shotgun you can get. Focus on upgrading it after reaching New Game +, as it has the power to one-shot most mobs even at higher difficulties. It’s also a good weapon when fighting 1-on-1 against Bosses.

Is the rocket pistol good RE8?

It is designed to make future playthroughs of Resident Evil Village less stressful, and more of a casual experience. However, as rewards for beating a Resident Evil game go, the rocket pistol is fairly underwhelming. For a reward that’s so difficult to get, the Rocket Pistol is not very satisfying to use.

Is the karambit knife better RE8?

Upgraded Knife The Karambit Knife is a better and faster version of Ethan’s humble Knife. Although it is effectively a better melee weapon, it still does not have enough power to punch through tougher enemies. It does, however, make short work of ordinary enemies like Lycans.

Is the WCX or Dragoon better?

Which handgun is better in re8?

V61 Custom is a fully automatic weapon with the highest stats of all handgun weapons, making it the best handgun you can get in the game. Its customizable parts can be purchased from the Duke in New Game +, making it even stronger.

Is the Dragoon or WCX better?