Was a large number or were a large number?

Was a large number or were a large number?

I am unsure because I believe if you consider, “… a large number…” which is singular, then you would use “was,” but if you considered “students,” which is plural, then you would have to use the plural verb “were”.

Is a number singular or plural?

The expression “a number of” also belongs to the same category—it is always followed by the plural form, as in “a number of days passed” or “a number of people were present.” Do not be misled by the indefinite article “a” in that expression: the expression is always used to indicate more than one of something and …

Which verb is used with a large number of?

A large number of is used before plurals, and the verb that follows is plural.

What does large number mean?

Definitions of large number. a large indefinite number. synonyms: battalion, multitude, pack, plurality. type of: large indefinite amount, large indefinite quantity. an indefinite quantity that is above the average in size or magnitude.

What is another word for large number?

What is another word for large number?

plurality multiplicity
plentiful a number
copious considerable
abundant substantial
innumerable an amount

Is a lot plural?

“A lot” will always be treated as singular unless we immediately think of it as shorthand for “a lot of X’s.” Here’s a test: when you see “a lot,” ask yourself “A lot of what?” If one word immediately springs to mind, then “a lot” will probably be treated as plural.

Is a number of students singular or plural?

in sentence (1), “The number of students”, we refer to “the number”, so verb is in singular form. in sentence (2) – “The number of students” and sentence (3) – “A number of students”, we refer to “students”, so verbs are in plural form.

Is a large number of countable or uncountable?

Quantifiers with countable and uncountable nouns

Only with uncountable nouns With uncountable and countable nouns Only with countable nouns
a bit (of) not any a number (of)
some (any) several
a great deal of a lot of a large number of
a large amount of plenty of a great number of

How do you use large numbers?

  1. This newspaper has a large number of subscribers.
  2. We import a large number of cars from Japan.
  3. They choose us from a large number of students.
  4. There were a large number of candidates for the job.
  5. His comments were deeply offensive to a large number of single mothers.

What are large numbers with examples?

In number system, the numbers which are ordinarily bigger or greater than the other numbers are called large numbers. For example, 1 lakh, 1 million, 1 billion, etc. are big numbers which we do not use in daily life. These big numbers are basically denoted in standard form.

Is a lot single or plural?