What a pusillanimous meaning?

What a pusillanimous meaning?

lacking courage and resolution
Definition of pusillanimous : lacking courage and resolution : marked by contemptible timidity.

Does pusillanimous mean cowardly?

Frequently Asked Questions About pusillanimous Some common synonyms of pusillanimous are cowardly, craven, and dastardly. While all these words mean “having or showing a lack of courage,” pusillanimous suggests a contemptible lack of courage.

What does Pettu mean?

Definition of petty 1 : having secondary rank or importance : minor, subordinate. 2 : having little or no importance or significance. 3 : marked by or reflective of narrow interests and sympathies : small-minded.

What is the Bengali meaning of pusillanimous?

IPA: pyusəlænəməsBengali: প্যুসলৈনমস / প্যূসলৈনমস

How do you use pusillanimous in a sentence?

Pusillanimous sentence example A late and dubious tradition asserts that the family name became so discredited owing to the pusillanimous conduct of John and Edward Baliol that it was abandoned by its owners in favour of the form Baillie. Forever is a pusillanimous way of saying as long as I live.

What is the opposite meaning of pusillanimous?

Opposite of showing a lack of courage or determination. brave. fearless. courageous.

What is Pattu Telugu?

Definition of pattu 1 : a homespun woolen fabric resembling tweed that is woven usually of goat hair in northern India. 2 : a blanket or wrap of pattu.

What does PETU mean?

/peṭū vyakti/ mn. gourmet countable noun. A gourmet is someone who enjoys good food, and who knows a lot about food and wine.

What does Poltroonery mean?

Definition of poltroonery : mean pusillanimity : cowardice.

Is vindictiveness a word?

vindictiveness Add to list Share. Vindictiveness is a strong desire to get back at someone. People who hold grudges and seek revenge are full of vindictiveness. If someone steps on your toe, and you put on boots to stomp back, you’re full of vindictiveness.

How do you say pusillanimity?

Its Latin origin — pusillus and animus — tells us that pusillanimous means “very small spirit.” If you are pusillanimous, pronounced “pew-sill-AN-ih-mus,” you don’t have the spirit — or the confidence or drive — to step up when it matters.