What are cruise terminologies?

What are cruise terminologies?

Ocean Lingo: Glossary of Cruise Ship Terms

  • Crossing: A voyage across the water – in other words, a cruise is a crossing.
  • Departure port/embarkation port: Both of these terms refer to the port or location where your cruise begins and ends.
  • Disembarkation: This is when you leave the ship at the end of your trip.

What is it called when a ship departs?

disembark/ disembarkation. To leave a ship and go ashore is to disembark (though the proper term for leaving a ship — and not an airplane — is to “debark”). double occupancy.

What is it called when you leave a cruise ship?

Staff. The 24 hours before you disembark your cruise — the point at which you get off the ship — comes with a flurry of instructions. That includes everything from assigning you a time to leave the ship to breakfast options on disembarkation day and luggage rules.

What are the different elements of cruising?

8 Great Elements of a Cruise Vacation

  • Cruise Vacation Destination. Do you want to go to the Caribbean?
  • Cruise Vacation Itinerary.
  • Cruise Ship Size.
  • Facilities.
  • Cabin.
  • Cruise Travel Style.
  • Ask Friends.
  • Cruise Line Personality.

What is the middle of a cruise ship called?

MIDSHIP – The midpoint or middle area of your cruise ship. MUSTER STATION – The area on the ship where guests assemble for a safety drill or in case of an emergency. PORTSIDE – The left side of your cruise ship (when you are facing forward).

What is a ship itinerary called?

Port of call: A ship’s itinerary is made up of ports of call: The places the ship will stop so passengers can explore. Most cruises are a mix of sea days and days in port. Shorex: This is an abbreviation for “shore excursion” and indicates the activities you can take part in on shore.

What is it called when a ship comes into port?

dock: (verb) – To bring in a vessel to tie up at a wharf berth.

What is it called when you board a ship?

Embarkation/disembarkation: When you first board your cruise ship, you are embarking. You disembark the ship at the end of the cruise.

What is the middle of a ship called?

The central or middle area of a ship is amidships. The right center side is the starboard beam and the left center side is the port beam. The rear of a vessel is the stern. When you move in that direction you are going aft, when the ship moves in that direction it is going astern.

What is front of ship called?

Bow: The front of a boat is called the bow.

What is the back of the ship called?

Starboard: When standing at the stern of the boat and looking to the bow, the side of the boat to your right is called the starboard side. Stern: The back of the boat is called the stern.

What do you call the captain’s room on a ship?

The captain or commanding officer would occupy the “great cabin” that normally spanned the width of the stern and had large windows. On a warship, it was a privileged area, separate from the rest of the ship, for the exclusive use of the captain.