What are good questions about Anne Frank?

What are good questions about Anne Frank?

ESSENTIAL QUESTIONS ● How were Anne Frank’s Holocaust experiences shaped by her own individual circumstances? How did the events of the Holocaust and World War II affect the lives of the Frank family? What choices did Anne make in writing her diary? How does she describe life inside the “Secret Annex”?

Who was Anne Frank answers key?

Anne Frank was a Jewish teenage girl who hid from the German police with her family. Although she did not survive the war, millions of people have since read the diary she kept when she was in hiding.

Who was Anne Frank Commonlit answer key quizlet?

a young Jewish girl who wrote a diary of her experiences in WWII. From the age of 13 to 15, Anne is hiding from the Nazis and records her feelings about her trying circumstances and her fears about the war and being captured.

What was the diary given to Anne answer?

Answer: Anne’s diary was originally written in Dutch. Her diary is different from the others in many aspects. She had named her diary ‘Kitty’. She thought of it as her only true friend whom she could confide in.

What is Anne upset?

Anne worried that her parents might not agree and felt that they should inform her father. At first, Otto did not seem to object, but later, he changed his mind and said that he did not want ‘that Knutscherei’ (that cuddling). Anne was upset, she felt that her father should trust her.

In what ways is Anne more like Mrs Van Daan than she is like her own mother?

In what ways is Anne more like Mrs. Van Daan than she is like her own mother? She is very outspoken and she talks back like Mrs Van Daan also neither of them have very many manners. She also causes a lot of trouble and gets into a lot of arguments with people.

Who was Anne friend?

Answer: 1. Sanne,who is good at poetry,became Anne’s friend.

Why was Anne jealous of Margot?

Unlike Anne, who was opinionated and outspoken, Margot was rather timid and withdrawn in her disposition. During their life in the Annex, Anne became jealous of Margot’s relationship with their parents because she felt like they treated Margot better than they treated her (especially, their mother Edith).

Why does Anna keep a diary?

Anne wants to keep a diary as she doesnt have friends. She needs some channel through which she can get rid off all the burden and pain she is suffering from. Hence she wants to keep a diary. Anne Frank is searching for a friend in the form of her diary.

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What was Anne’s worst fear?

We can say that there is social fear. Finally, Anne fears whether she will ever truly be able to be free and live her life. Here is a quote: “It’s difficult in times like these: ideals, dreams and cherished hopes rise within us, only to be crushed by grim reality.

What did Anne say that was surprising?

What did Anne say that was surprising? She preferred her mother’s company to her father’s company.