What does desiccation mean in medical terms?

What does desiccation mean in medical terms?

Desiccate: To remove the moisture from a thing that normally contains moisture, such as a plant; to dry out completely; to preserve by drying.

What is the synonym of desiccated?

Synonyms & Near Synonyms for desiccated. dehydrated, dry, sere.

What is a desiccated person?

2 : drained of emotional or intellectual vigor or vitality Singer’s utilitarianism is so dry and desiccated that it drains the drama from philosophy.—

What is an example of desiccation?

In biology and ecology, desiccation refers to the drying out of a living organism, such as when aquatic animals are taken out of water, slugs are exposed to salt, or when plants are exposed to sunlight or drought.

What is desiccation of the spine?

Desiccation refers to the dehydration of your spinal discs, which makes them prone to faster degeneration. Below, we take a closer look at why this condition develops, how you can prevent it and how to treat dehydrated spinal discs.

What is the opposite of desiccated?

uplifted. Verb. ▲ Opposite of past tense for to cause to become dry or devoid of moisture.

How do you get desiccated?

For Desiccated: As written above, you can use the smallest “spice” section of a grater to make the desiccated coconut texture. Alternatively, chop the coconut meat into small pieces and pulse in a blender/food processor until fine crumb consistency.

What can be desiccated?

To be desiccated is to be dried out. If you like desiccated fruit, you like dried fruit — such as raisins or dried apricots. Something that’s described with the adjective desiccated is extremely dry, or parched. During a drought, the ground becomes cracked and desiccated.

Is desiccation dehydrated?

As nouns the difference between desiccation and dehydration is that desiccation is (uncountable) the state or process of being desiccated while dehydration is the act or process of freeing from water; also, the condition of a body from which the water has been removed.