What does JubyPhonic mean?

What does JubyPhonic mean?

JubyPhonic (aka Juliet Simmons) is a YouTube artist and professional voice actress/ vocalist. Sometimes going by Juby, she is a fairly new and popular YouTube singer who started singing end of May 2012.

How does JubyPhonic look like?

Juby’s real appearance is pale skin and medium-length, darkish brown hair, with blue eyes and somewhat large front teeth. Juby usually wears heavy-winged eyeliner.

How old is JubyPhonic?

27 years (January 22, 1995)Juliet Simmons / Age

Does JubyPhonic speak Japanese?

JubyPhonic (also known as Juby) is an English speaking Utaite, as well as a professional voice actress and vocalist.

Is Rachie a Vocaloid?

rachie (れいち) is a YouTube singer with a clear and powerful solid voice, which has a good, and a smooth quality. She sings in English, Japanese, Indonesian, and rarely, Chinese. Covering VOCALOID songs and anime/video game themes….About.

My Rating
Japanese れいち (reichi)
Gender Female
Born June 23, 1997
Origin Indonesia

Why does JubyPhonic sound like that?

He uses healthy growls in his covers and often makes his own rock/metal remix. (Note: growls are an advanced part of singing. Doing it incorrectly can lead to permanent vocal loss or vocal damage; it also takes years to develop it. He uses healthy rock growl.)

Is JubyPhonic a good singer?

Mindblowing vocals. It fully enhances and shows her true vocal potential. Her vocals are also versatile (mainly in classical and rock), authentic, powerful, and strong. Plus her range is really wide as shown in her cover of Fraulein = Biblioteca.

Who is Splendiferachie?

splendiferachie or rachie is an Indonesian female Virtual YouTuber who debuted on 13 February 2021. Instead of Indonesian, rachie prefers to use English as the main language in her streams.