What does the DRBC do?

What does the DRBC do?

DRBC serves as the lead coordinating agency among the U.S. EPA and the basin states for evaluating the nutrient conditions in the main stem Delaware River and Bay. The Commission is working to identify appropriate levels of nutrients and necessary measures to take, especially in relation to DO.

What role does the Delaware River Basin Commission play in fracking in the Delaware watershed?

The Delaware River Basin, a 13,539-square-mile watershed that cuts through Delaware, New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania is now off-limits to fracking.

Why is it important to protect the Delaware River Basin and watershed?

The watershed supplies clean drinking water to more than 5 percent of country, vital habitat for wildlife and is a historic and recreational treasure. Unfortunately the capacity of the river to sustain fish and wildlife and the human community long-term is in question.

What does Drbc stand for?


Acronym Definition
DRBC Delaware River Basin Commission
DRBC Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity (conference)
DRBC Disaster Recovery Business Continuance
DRBC Del Ray Baptist Church (Alexandria, VA)

Is there fracking in Delaware?

As of May 2017, Delaware did not have oil or natural gas reserves. Thus, no fracking occurred in the state.

Why is the Delaware River Basin important?

The Delaware River Basin provides water to two major U.S. cities: Philadelphia, Pa. and New York City. All of Philadelphia’s water comes from the Delaware and Schuylkill rivers, and roughly 50% of the water supply for New York City comes from the Delaware River Basin, even though NYC is not in the DRB.

Why is the Delaware River an important part of the environment?

“The Delaware River Basin must be protected, as it provides habitat to over 400 types of birds, over 90 fish species, and many other animals,” says Carrie Barron, center manager for the John James Audubon Center in Audubon, PA. Even traveling birds regularly utilize the resources of the Delaware River Basin.

Which states have the most oil and gas wells?

The Top Oil-Producing States

  1. Texas. Total barrels annually (2020): 1.78 billion2.
  2. North Dakota. Total barrels annually (2020): 434.89 million2.
  3. New Mexico. Total barrels annually (2020): 370.40 million2.
  4. Oklahoma. Total barrels annually (2020): 171.74 million2.
  5. Colorado. Total barrels annually (2020): 167.83 million2.
  6. Alaska.

Why is the Delaware River important?

The Delaware River is a major U.S. waterway that touches five different states and provides drinking water to over 13 million people. It’s an essential part of everyday life for people, animals, and plant species.

Why did George Washington cross the Delaware River?

Washington crossed the Delaware River so that his army could attack an isolated garrison of Hessian troops located at Trenton, New Jersey.